Alexey Tyabin

Algorithm of existence

(or the sermon for atheists)

translated by A.N. Obukhova







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From the author


Chapter 1. Concept of self-control


Chapter 2. Origin of  behavioral motives


Chapter 3. Evolution of morals


From the author 



The truth does not change even if it is neglected …

This work attempts to use centuries-old discrepant experience of Russia to understand where we all go, and how we should live to establish harmony in satisfaction our material and spiritual needs.


In the XVIth century French philosopher-humanist Michel Eikem de Montaigne said something like that «there is no fair wind for a person who is not floating anywhere». An idea itself is quite good, especially if to use it during the compelled stagnation. In this case it helps to be released from serene thoughtless idleness and prompts to the active work, when starting this work it is necessary to find a goal and begin moving in the chosen direction, hoping on the fair wind promised by the philosopher.

If the direction of movement is not determined, the idea becomes harmful because when you follow it, it is necessary to fuss all life in searches of the "fair" wind, and the activity is just a way not to stand on one place. And if there is no criterion of choice, such pluralism of movements can’t reach the goal but also can move away from it. In this case it is good to stop and to define the above mentioned criteria and consider everything once again.

 An abstract example of such chaotic «Brownian motion» is the following: the senior generation of Russians can remember as our football players were trying to imitate fashionable "total" Dutch football, they were making «a lot of useful movements on the  football ground», they forgot that “movements” themselves were not a goal but the means that help to achieve it. The score goal is the main football object. Since then our football players continues “making useful movements” but they didn’t learn to score these goals…

Fortunately, football is not the whole life. It is worse, when such aimless pluralism in people’s work concerns their political activity. They call this pluralism a free one. They see the main sense of the conquered democracy in it? And think that this “conquest” is the main one or even a unique mean to reform the society: just not to stand on one place, go away from the past (and it doesn’t matter where to go). Adherents of this method, probably, think that if a person in a dark room moves chaotically at random, sooner or later he/she  will find the door. However, it is hardly possible to call such method an effective one. It happens, when you try to live another's mind, blindly copying another's behavior and don’t want to understand internal logic and ultimate goal of these actions.

 If to learn to understand interrelation of things, and caught logic of dependence between means of achievement and  received result it is possible to find goals and achieved them without copying anyone (and not only in football)! Why am I telling these things?


 The "Ship" Russia from the very beginning of present reforms has not define, where it should go. So the activity shown in this case, led us where the “fair” wind was blowing as it was expected. To tell the truth, it is not possible to find out which wind was a fair one. It happens, when "forward" movement begins before the captain understands, where he should lead his ship. "Forward" movement should have a concrete direction, not all directions except one based on a principle “it is impossible to live that way” as it was at the beginning in Russia. In such situation it is easily possible to become a victim of swindlers or simply begin to move in a wrong way, chose direction at random as in dark room, and to lose way. That’s why at the beginning we had to understand “how it is possible to live”, then choose a specific aim, develop a strategy to achieve it and only after that start practical steps into the chosen direction. Otherwise so-called democratic reforms can be continued endlessly…, that we, however, doing fifteen years already, continuing marking time, and we are sincerely surprised that these reforms don’t bring any result.

          Objections are possible. What are you talking about, what for? The whole world follows standards, or at least tries to, and you are searching for a special way. Who do you think you are? Why don’t you like a full quiet healthy life as your neighbors have? They did not make any experiments, simply tried to give people more «bread and shows».  And it is real … But nevertheless we try to understand.

15 years ago, when the Russian state appeared before necessity of cardinal reforms of life, and had to make the "fatal" choice,  the whole "civilized" world used to think there were two basic ways of development of the society - capitalist and socialist. And the socialism (as it was in the USSR) completely discredited itself, absolutely lost the economic competition with capitalism. Lost because it had rigid, authoritative control system which was not capable to react flexibly and effectively to the real needs of society. It was thought that capitalism was an alternative to such socialism. In my opinion, the capitalist model, despite of its market flexibility, and that major economically developed countries follow this model, is not an ideal one, because its ideology is focused on effective use of only one motive in person’s activity - motive of a material interest. In this case the world turns into one huge market where it is possible to buy and sell everything. So the market becomes a self-sufficing factor, wants to form and satisfy every(!!!) need itself just to provide maximum profit for the sellers. That’s why it is not a surprise when at the same time with useful and good development of automobile industry and communications there is an effective development of drug traffic, prostitution and porno business. And it develops efficiently because of market laws according to which the capital wants to be at the place there are the most favorable conditions for its investment. And it doesn’t matter for the market if the profit comes from the exploitation of person’s vices or from satisfying his/her highly moral cultural needs. Following the laws it is possible to lead society to an absurd when profit from different activities becomes the only criterion of its expediency. Under such circumstances there can be a paradoxical situation when it will be more favorable for a person to die, than to live (insure, for example, his/her life before). I gave this bad example to show that if a wild, spontaneously generated market follows its natural laws mankind can reach a deadlock where we will find full but sick society. And then there will be more disadvantages than advantages of this was of development. But will it be too late then? And is there any other way that combine all the advantages and minimize the disadvantages of both mentioned variant? Is there, for example, an opportunity to influence the  character of market’s functioning just to decrease negative consequences of its influence on the society to allow each person to live how he/she wants not to follow spontaneous market laws?! In fact if not to do it, freedom in market conditions will mean freedom of moral dissoluteness only, because such freedom as we saw from the mentioned example, helps to create conditions for the most favorable capital investments.

          When after the USSR collapse Russia was in an ideological deadlock  it faced the question of  choice of the way for  further development, many people who knew that Russians like to search for "non-standard" ways of development, hoped, that on the very brick Russia would do everything to find such way. Once upon a time in 1917, Russia tried to find it. But didn’t do it. And after 70 years the story has repeated. As if someone invisible wants to find this way.

         In my previous professional experience I had a chance to speak from the point of view of a state scale politician and so I have decided to deal with this problem privately. In comparison with people who worked with this problem professionally, I had some advantages. The First: non-standard education for humanists (2 different diplomas received in the Soviet Universities where according to the best soviet traditions the experts of the widest structure were prepared). The Second: when I was writing this work I did not belong to any party and was ideologically free. The Third: I was not in the number of regular reformers, I was earning my leaving in the other sphere. The Fourth: since my childhood I liked to think a lot and solve every possible "puzzle" And, at last, the fifth: I spent some years outside the Soviet Union and I spoke confidently with citizens from the various countries, so I had an opportunity to compare a way of life in Russia and in the other countries and to look at events in my homeland from the other point of view.

After the intense searches that sometimes were led with the help of incomprehensible coincidences and "casual" hints, this work was born.

Despite of such loud subjects, my aspiration to find a way out from the deadlock  there the Soviet Union was after a phase of stagnation and the reforms started by M.S.Gorbachev, became my  initial impulse that made me write this work. But with the development of this theme I had to go deep into quantum mechanics, wave genetics, to understand management, and even divinity. The conclusions received at the end and that I want to share with readers, were rather unexpected, and have left the limits of the original task.

October 3, 1988 I have sent my conclusions to the Soviet Union leader M.S.Gorbachev for the first time. Then my work (at that time it consisted of the  first chapter) were registered  in the Academy of sciences (ext.¹. T-0702 from 24.04.1991.) where it was sent from the Central Committee of the CPSU. In September 1998 from the Governmental machinery of the Russian Federation its next variant were directed « on consideration to Ministry of Economics of Russia » (I was informed about it with the letter ¹ P48-2-66660 from 30.09.1998.). Many people I was trying to communicate with, walked away from public (for example, B.N.Eltsin), and some people are dead already (deputy of the Supreme Soviet, and then St. Petersburg’s mayor A.A.Sobchak, and academician S.S.Shatalin, and the deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation L.Rohlin…).

In 2003 officials of the Device of the President of the Russian Federation  considered my reference addressed to the President of the Russian Federation V.V.Putin and thanked for «Algorithm of existence» (in that time it was three chapters long). They mentioned, that in their opinion it had «an interesting and original analysis of management questions with general philosophic aspects of life». They informed me, that they were going to use «the contents of the given scientific work in their work concerning analytical part» (ref. Ą25-2214 Central administrative board of internal policy of the President of the Russian Federation from 17.09.2003.). What can this intricate phrase mean in reality? It is not clear for me yet, I hope, that latter I and people who have read this work will understand it. Because of that many critical extracts of this work can become out of date and lose its importance. But it will only mean that Russia begins to recover at last.

In the first chapter of «Algorithm of existence» is presented the "concept" of development of society (for the fist time a word "concept" was use in 1991 by the late academician S.S.Shatalin). According to it the human society should represent a self controlled system where all elements with the help of the feedback chains should be united because of mutual interest in each other functions.

          In the second chapter there is an attempt to open the nature of occurrence of the behavioral motives of people - a primary factor that determines the character of actions of the feedback forces in the human society. While the logic constructions with information from quantum mechanics and wave genetics made a conclusion about an inevitability of existence of  God and without God the life on earth is impossible in general.

          In the third chapter the coordination of the concept of self-control with the conclusions made in the second chapter is done.

I am  grateful for an opportunity to write two last chapters to the academician of the Russian Academy of Science, Dr.Sci.Biol. P.P.Gariaev, Dr.Sci.Tech. G.S.Kirakosian, Dr.Sci.Biol., the candidate of philosophical sciences, Cand.Chem.Sci. S.V.Zenin, the expert in the field of cybernetics I.Agadjanian, to doctor E. Masaru, to many colleagues, and also to the late  scientist–astrophysics N.A. Kozirev. Thank God,  I have had an opportunity to get acquainted with their researches.

I hope, that this composition can give a certain pleasure to people who like thinking. But experts can find here the decision for many problems (at least some of my familiar experts have already used the first chapter as "textbook of methodic" to solve concrete practical problems). This work can give a theme for a new dissertation, for example, in the field of natural sciences, medicine, computer science, materiology, or it will help to open new ways of energy transformation. The political scientists and seminary students should not be indifferent.

I wanted my readers to understand my work so I tried to state the ideas in extremely simple language (avoiding mathematical formulas and specific lexicon whenever it was possible). Thus I aspired not to make ready conclusions, I was arguing together with readers, trying to find the truth together with them. As a result, at the end after the reading each person can make conclusions suitable for him/her.



Yours faithfully, Alexey  Tyabin, 2003 (






















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