Alexey Tyabin

Algorithm of existence

(or the "sermon" for atheists)

translated by A.N. Obukhova





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From the author


Chapter 1. Concept of self-control


Chapter 2. Origin of  behavioral motives


Chapter 3. Evolution of morals



Chapter One

Concept of self-control


The history of modern Russia is full of contradictions and rushing about from one extreme to another. It happened because after the USSR collapse the country was searching and is searching now its own way. There is one purpose Ė a revival of Russia as harmoniously advanced state where each person can realize his\her creative potential and live in harmony with the conscience.  

It is necessary to begin this revival process from the main thing - from the analysis of the reasons that led to catastrophe. The objective analysis should show, what has been done wrong and how to make it right. Only after such analysis it is possible to start business and to catch the fair wind: we have already done so many mistakes in a hurry that any other country could not afford without a chance to self-destruction. Also it is time to get down to business seriously because we came to a line behind which there is no place for Russia Ö

          It is exactly twenty years ago M.S. Gorbashev became Soviet Union leader. It is the beginning of the modern Russian history. Now many people think that he was the beginning of the end of Russia. But it is not right. Even if sometimes he did not know, where the country would be after his turn he did the main thing - he  stopped movement of Russia (it may seem strange but also the whole world) to impasse. The other thing is,  that not all his contemporaries inside and outside  the country understood it and were ready for such turn. And so two long last decades God was saving Russia, expecting changes in its people consciousness, then the revived country has found a true way  for both itself and others. This expectation is similar to 40-years wandering on desert of Jews after their flight from Egypt before arrival to the Promised land. Three thousand years ago it was necessary to Moses to replace generation of the slaves had brought up in the Egyptian bondage with generation of free people, apprehended the Divine precepts and prepared itself for a new life. Certainly our 20 years is not those 40, and for this time a high-grade new generation canít grow up. And it grows not in a desert, and still it is not known, that is better in present conditions - to wander for education in desert, or to be in present informational space, deformed by unlimited whims of modern civilization. However and these twenty years could give "old" generation of Russians a lot, and, I hope, it did. For example, it gave an opportunity to view the history from the new point, to realize depth of a precipice in which we appeared because of our own stupidity, to change our attitude to life, to change our outlook to begin a new life. In fact for these twenty years we had an opportunity to test the whole charm of the atheistic existence on ourselves. The existence was aggravated because of the democratization of  ďfreedom of creativityĒ of the politicians, bureaucrats and  oligarchs who have lost conscience and had no formal limits of the ďcommunist builder moral codeĒ. In this sense we have received full freedom to reach the end in our madness. Never ever before in the history of Russia lie was used to rule people so cynically and actively, and the deceit was not the main mean to reach the goal. And to understand the depth of the precipice the country appeared in because of such management, we should pass through all this shame. To comeback to ourselves, to our original nature we need such brain enlightenment, such revolution in consciousness which should not leave any chances to any doubt that the chosen way is incorrect. So it is important to make right conclusions now.

I am one of many representatives of this critical generation. My name is nothing it wonít tell you anything. I am the smallest part of the nation whose opinion the authority has got used to neglect. However, as well as many others I have my opinion about the events around me. And that I personally managed to understand for these twenty years, I have tried to write here to share my "discoveries" with people around me. Because the problems can be sold only together: twenty years of useless attempts ę to break the wall with the head, the wall that was made by the authority who forgot about people, made me believe in it. And now we should hurry up, because time left for Russia to revive, comes to an end. And it means, it is time to finish this vague period.

So, lets start our analysis.

The reasons of troubles which have happened to Russia, lie not in the events that happened not 10 and even 20 years ago. Everything had started much earlier. But we shall not repeat here a drama history of a birth of Ivan the Terrible whom "grateful" descendants did not place among other Russian figures on a monument "the Millenium of Russia". We shall not recollect why the reigning dynasty of Ruricks left, and Romanov dynasty appeared, Nikonovskiy split in the Russian Orthodox Church, that gashed a condition of spirituality in the Russian society, we shall not recollect Peter's reforms, victory over Napoleon, decembrists, serfdom reformation, history of the Christ of the Savior constructionÖ. Somehow all these events became the premises for the main revolution in a history of Russia - revolutions of 1917 after which Russia diapered and the new state appeared on the map - the Union of the Soviet Socialist Republics - the state where leaders renounced  God and said that their main purpose was to construct the communist paradise on earth.

It was not possible to create an earthly paradise. Moreover, everything happened on the contrary - already in the 30th of the previous century millions of people died from famine in the Volga region and in Ukraine (and not only there) and the state could not stand an economic competition with neighbors, and disappeared.

We are interested in this mechanism of involuntary self-liquidation. According to the wise life logic self destruction should occur because of our own mistakes and miscalculations. When we understand the self-destruction mechanism, we also understand  the nature of our mistakes and at  last we can start to create a new state. The new state where each person - should have an opportunity to realize all intellectual, spiritual, creative and moral potential.

So, lets start Ö And at the beginning lets ask a simple question: why did the  Soviet Union, with enormous resources collected in a uniform fist and controlled from the uniform center, loose the economic competition with the West even despite of soviet worldwide recognized achievement in an outer space exploration, in education and ęin balletĽ Ö?

It is necessary to make a small theoretical deviation to answer this question. During this deviation we try to understand how in general it is accepted to solve this or that problem and to reach goal in human society?

It doesnít matter where the person lives, what social status the person has, he/she faces the necessity to solve problems. The life is full of contradictions and conflicts, which people should constantly overcome.

Conflicts in the society appear as consequence of disproportionís accumulation  which, in turn, are consequence of balance infringement. That means that balance infringement in a society is the reason of conflicts in it. And it doesnít matter if the society consists of 2 people or six billions on our planet.

Because of that it is possible to see that the nature around us manages to be in balance. Of course, without that it canít exist many millions of years! It means that there is the mechanism that overcomes the contradictions inside this world.

And as the person is the subject of the material world, hence, and for the successful balanced existence the human society also should follow the same laws. Here we try to understand these laws.

So, here is the promised theoretical deviation Ö


          The matter consists of uncountable set of various elements which constantly cooperating among themselves. These elements can be very big and absolutely small, quite simple and quite complex in its structure. Because of its initial properties each element has individuality which allows it carry out the certain function necessary for another elements in the nature, this proves its existence. There are not any unnecessary elements in the nature. Everything, that exists, finds and takes the useful place in the living developing world.

          However a separate element needs special conditions (conditions for functioning and existence)  to perform its concrete. These conditions depend on elementís properties and so they have certain limits. Very often these limits can be the same for elements differs in scale and purpose. The same conditions of existence for different elements help them to unite in various systems differ in their functions and scale. Different elements incorporated into one closed system continue to function inside the system, they amplify each other in such a way that the result of one elementís activity creates full or partial conditions for another elementís ability to live (for example: the bee, collects honey and pollinates a plant).

          At the same time, this system is an element of another, more complex and bigger one, where this system is an element that has a certain function (bees pollinate trees, trees are the garden, and this garden is the element of some farm economics)

Examining systems formation  process, we should verify that elements are united in one system not only because of  their general conditions of  existence, but also because of mutual interests. It means, that  when each element of the system satisfies its requirements it provides other element with ability to live. From what follows that each element in the system canít exist without the other. And such behavior of elements provides stable existence for the system, it helps the system to perform its individual unique function. 

In turn because of individuality, originality of the function the system has its certain place in the nature, in constantly moving matter. While matter is moving  performance of this function finds the place in the general process of the other bugger system formation, where the described system is a separate element. A new bigger functionally closed system appears in nature because of such complicated complimentary functions. Its elements are the whole systems or only the parts of various systems united into one system because of mutual interests in each other functions.

The system interacts with another parts of a matter (the whole systems or only their parts)  and this new informal system from the point of view of its function  becomes an individual functional element, and together these cooperating parts of the matter (actually it is new elements) create bigger and more structurally complex material system, all the elements of the system are different and according to the process described before they are united because of the interest in each other and common conditions of existence. Ö

It is possible to trace the process described above endlessly. First elementary particles (as primary elements of a material world) unite in various combinations, form atoms of numerous chemical elements. And different substances consist of these atoms, these substances represent the whole variety of the material world from the smallest molecule up to huge galaxies (atoms are functionally closed self controlled systems of the first level of a matter). The matter is infinite, because of its length in space, its complexity, its multifigurativeness and it consists of uncountable amount of the correlated  formal and informal elements - systems (subsystems and supersystems), these elements carry out certain functions necessary at the given moment of constantly moving matter existence.


          A steady aspiration to achieve balance is the main feature of alive matter process of movement. I repeat, this  is really  so because otherwise the world we live in, would lose stability and could not exist.

It is possible to name balance the condition of the matter that satisfies completely all its needs. In other words, balance is the condition that doesnít demand any change when all needs of the elements in the material system are satisfied, when every element doesnít want to carry out its function and doesnít want to communicate with other elements to change a cumulative condition of the system. It becomes possible if there is a balance of all forces that work in functionally closed system. It is possible to make this system a close one only in theory, it is closed on mutual interests of elements that create it and when interests of all elements are satisfied the sum of forces working inside system is equal to zero. It is very important conclusion and it is necessary to understand it if you want to understand the other material. 

Symmetry is the external display of balance in system. Balance in nature means  that all processes are balanced, there is a harmony in development, stability in the achieved condition. The person realizes this beauty unconsciously. Beautiful symmetrically, equilibriumly, harmoniously, expediently, morally, viable.

 However such condition in the nature is unattainable in complex. Only dynamic, constantly varying balance  can take place in system because the processes that try too establish the balance proceed (as in microsystems), inside of the element. And systems we are examining are elements of other, more complex and bigger systems and thatís why they consequently feel constant influence of the correlated with them elements. Due to this each element is moving constantly, changing its in inwardness and balance, which the matter is trying to reach in a process of self movement, it is relative, dynamic (it comes near the static balance asymptotically), it is working only at the given moment and it is not satisfying at least one changed element, two, one thousand, infinite set of elements that makes material system.

Any organism, any closed system, any finished formation of the alive matter, whether it is an atom, alive cell or the whole planet are in a condition of constant interaction and mutual account of interests of their separate parts according to their internal needs, conditions of existence and structure, at the same time they try to reach the balance. Attempts to break process of force balance lead to disharmony, even temporal, they try to stop the work of the system. The disharmony even insignificant one, will always take place, because of entropy the system is moving constantly.

But the disharmony is an obstacle the system should overcome somehow while it is trying to reach the balance. And as the balance in nature is constant, that means there should be a mechanism brings system into dynamic balance. And it appears, there is a mechanism that constantly traces and restores the broken balance in wildlife. This mechanism automatically starts working at first sighs of balance infringement. It interferes the increase of contradictions and deletes them before they will become huge. For example: the sun heats stronger, the temperature of water becomes higher, it evaporates and rises to the top layers of an atmosphere where the rain clouds that cover the sun are formed, they water the ground and restore temperature balance.

Such mechanism is called  a feedback mechanism. In this case we should talk about a negative feedback.

In general the feedback is a return influence process of results on process itself or on its managing element. If a feedback influence intensifies the functioning  this is a positive feedback; if weakens Ė a negative one. The negative feedback stabilizes work of the system at a certain level, makes its work a stable one and helps to provide the  achievement of a condition of balance. In nature such feedback locks all cooperating elements of matter in the interconnected system because of their interests interdependence. Thatís why the feedback is the main mean to form a closed on interests material system - it adjusts connections between separate elements in the system and establishes balance between them (if there is no balance the system breaks up stops its existence This is the  feedback which according to the theory of automatic control connects together final  result of self controlled system work at  its output with managing influence at the input of system, it forces this managing (and in the given case a destabilizing) influence to change under the influence of the final result achieved by system. Balance is the final result in nature it is possible to reach the balance if all forces working in system, when the algebraic sum of all forces is equal to zero.

If there is some non-uniformity in development, some imbalance in forces inside the system is the revolting factor that makes the interrelated element in system redistribute their functions, it develops  necessary managing influences (feedback signals) which appears because of imbalance. And this process of search and development of the necessary influence proceeds in system until the imbalance wonít disappear, the algebraic sum of all forces will not become equal to zero.

That means,  in conditions  when balance maintenance is an indispensable condition of existence for  the material  world, any balance infringement influences on system only in a way that can lead to its (balance infringement) own liquidation. So there is a feedback in system.

Because of that the presence of disproportions and imbalance in functioning system, is a feedback signal (to be correct its a potential), renders a return (stabilizing) influence on function that take part in work of system of elements (which led to disproportions) so that at the output of this self controlled system the ďturn onĒ signal for the feedback disappears Ė imbalance disappears.

This signal will never disappear because  the alive material system never rests and never has absolute static balance. But the same signal is a feedback potential to  stabilize system. Dynamic balance of system is an aspiration to absolute balance, that is reached with the influence on work of a feedback mechanism system. This conclusion proved by the great Luis Pasteur's: ęEverything, that is life Ė is asymmetrically, everything, that is dead Ė is symmetricallyĽ. The presence of  forces asymmetry means there is  a process of  the broken balance restoration, and it is only  possible while the object is alive. The end of the balance constant restoration process can occur in two cases: an absolute equality of forces inside system (that is impossible in constantly developing alive organism), or in case of her (his organism) death.


          The most bright example of work of the feedback mechanism in techniques is tracking the parabolic aerial of a radar station (in the form of "plate") for moving object when with the help of gauges the corner of a mismatch between the diagram of an aerial orientation(in this case an aerial axis) and a direction on moving object, to develop a managing impulse that depends on size and polarity of the received signal, this impulse acts on drivers, and make the aerial follow the object. If the aerial axis concurs with the direction on object the signal should disappear, but it does not happen because the tracking object develops that feedback signal constantly. This signal is a managing pulse for aerial to follow the object.

          In nature the feedback mechanism is shown  in everything, but already without that heap of gauges, wires and drives  man-made devices are full with. Early in the morning, for example, when the first solar beams appears they influence sensor controls of a flower, the flower  opens its petals and turn them to the sun under the influence of the feedback mechanism. And during light day the flower will continuously follow the sun under the influence of its feedback mechanism. The flower will try to get maximum possible amount of solar beams.

          All matter is penetrated with interrelations of infinite set of elements - systems with various scale and complex with their functions, interests, needs, with their aspiration to reach the balance on the basis of influence, which feedback signals develop, arising as result of forces imbalance in self controlled systems.

          Presence of the feedback in system counterbalances all its elements, this is a stabilizing factor in functioning system and it doesnít if the external revolting influence or internal processes are the reasons of imbalance (in the certain limits, of course). That means the feedback makes the  system flexible, capable to function stable in changing conditions. The change in conditions of existence will influence structure of system, its separate elements functions and again the feedback will level all forces working inside the system, make it keep relative dynamic balance with changed conditions. It even can create a new counterbalanced system. Once again: if there is a feedback Ė the material system is alive, this system consists of elements incorporated by mutual interests, also the feedback is the main thing that maintain this viability.

Any functionally closed system can exist successfully only if there is an adaptation mechanism to change of external or internal conditions of existence and functioning inside it, the mechanism provides system viability - the feedback mechanism. Presence of a feedback is an objective condition of alive matter, every self control formation what human society should be (!).

          It shows, that inside the closed self controlled systems only elements that are under the influence of feedback signals can coexist harmoniously. Existence of other elements in system is unnaturally and can be carried out only artificially and for a certain period of time. For example, before the system destruction (ecological accident through personís fault, for example) or before the system eliminates such elements (revolution  in the country to overthrow the dictator who lost feeling of  reality). Other a situation can create a new system where the mentioned elements appear under the influence of feedback signals.

          We shall sum up our arguments. The alive matter exists and develops as the uniform self controlled huge system, that is a set of elements-systems, constantly cooperate among themselves with the help of complex feedback circuits. The structure of each element is created and functions with use of feedback circuits, and it is typical for all viable functionally closed systems. (It should concern human society equally). Elements of any system differ from each other in the internal device, the opportunities, abilities, interests, needs and finally functions that make existence of each of them strictly individual and so, necessary for all system they enter and cooperate with, supplement. Due to feedback existence the  development of the system (the whole matter)  is reflected in the development of each element. and processes  inside the element depend on the processes in the whole material system.      

So we are should  ascertain, that the whole world around us is a huge self controlled system that consists of elements, each of these elements is self controlled formation from other smaller self controlled elements which are cooperating among themselves because of their requirements, interests and functions, and they are leveling the balance infringement with the help of interdependence between them (people name them feedback chains) This process of elements constant interaction covers all our life from the smallest elementary particle up to the infinite universe. These elements consist of various systems that are different in scale and earmarking.  Whether volcanoes are thrown up, whether there is a rain, whether there is AIDS, whether presidents and the governments change, or there is a process of water autopurification in the river - this is a process of self control display, this process leads to dynamic balance in alive matter.

The Action of self-control law is incorporated into a basis of each alive cell existence on Earth, each component of the alive material world, and only the person - a wreath of Divine creation, in contradiction with unconscious element of alive world- has individual consciousness and  individual will, allows him/her to choose how to react  on influence which is rendered on him/her, depends on these or those behavioral motives.

Depending on these motives personís action can promote self-control process, or interfere with it. The last is more often. The history shows that ďstrongĒ personality appears from time to time, he/she ignores the self-control principle for the sake of their mercenary purposes and tries to construct the society what will serve interests of one element. A single person can be this element - the dictator, or the whole class of people (dictatorship of proletariat, for example), or one "pure" nation (nazism), or race of people with certain skin color (racism), or the whole country (the unipolar world), or even group of the countries (ęnorth - southĽ). To tell the truth, disproportion causes such forces imbalance, that its feedback potential of forces restores balance in system sooner or later.

On the other hand the equalizing of distinctions between members of a society when everybody has the same style of life does not promote society  harmonization because it  does not promote the self-control process that supposes association in self controlled systems, the systems supplement each other, and that means that elements are distinguished from each other.

I repeat: harmony in self controlled system is provided with cooperation of different elements and that consequently supplement each other, in fact experience shows, even the nation struggling for blood cleanliness, starts to degenerate genetically and threats its existence. This principle is valid for every self controlled system, despite its scale and earmarking, therefore, the more variously and richer internal structure of system is, the more viable and  harmonious it is.

And so, that, on one hand, balance restoration at disproportion accumulation should not reach serious conflicts and should appear as soon as possible, and that, on the other hand, each person (either people, or country) should not  hesitate his/her originality and should not  try to resemble others, try to show, for example, the attachment to other culture to use the exclamations such as "wow" and "ok" that is unusual for him/her, that is why people need the concept of self-control.

So, what is necessary to transform the society into self controlled system:

          1. Each primary element of social system - the person - should possess the certain need to perform any function that is vital for him/her and useful to other people. Basically, all mentally healthy and working people have such need, these people as mentioned above bee ďearn a leaving ďthey smelt metal, create music or treat their patients. Presence of such realized need is the necessary condition, that allows to establish chains of cause-effect relations (in other words, interdependence) between all people and through these chains stimulate each member of a society to act effectively.

          2. Each element of system should have a need to use the results of other elements function performance. This requirement promotes their cooperation and allows to unite all unlike elements in uniform self controlled system.      

3. Full freedom of actions for each  element - person should be provided in naturally developing self controlled system. This condition promotes spontaneous association of various elements according to their specific features into differ in  structure, scales and earmarking self controlled subsystems, at the end this system defines the development of the society.

Presence of only these conditions automatically conducts a feedback circuit self formation between all members of a society and makes it a self controlled system.

For example:  market which has appeared spontaneously  is an infrastructure of the feedback mechanism in self controlled system of economy. But we will talk later about market occurrence and its functions

          4. As freedom of actions assumes equal opportunities for all elements, that interests of all elements have been taken into account, certain "game rules" Ė a necessary legislative base should be provided in system. To turn the society into self adjusting system in civilized and ordered manner, conscious administrative actions of people manage this society are necessary, especially at prime.

Thus it is necessary to know, that self-control does not mean anarchy when everyone makes what he/she wants, and doesnít think about other peopleí interests. On the contrary self-control allows to make management  more effective, to release administration from unnecessary guardianship of each element actions because each element  in self controlled system is already initially interested in function performance, thatís why this element appeared in the given system structure, because this system needs him. The problem of efficient control in this case is the following: each member of society should create conditions for maximum effective earmarking of his/her abilities. The managing mechanism becomes easier, as it is released from superfluous parts of the control and compulsion. To speak figuratively, self-control becomes an automatic pilot in a modern air liner which provides the performance of many vital operations to maintain independent flight, it gives the pilot an opportunity to manage complex machine and to follow the chosen way in the optimal mode.

At the same time, it is impossible to operate work of self controlled system, breaking its integrity, breaking off feedback chains and interfering into the actions of each element - we shall destroy the self-control mechanism. It is necessary to operate work of self controlled system by changing parameters and conditions of its work. How it should be in a real life?

To answer this question it is necessary to pay attention that from the point of view of each element of self controlled systems there are two kinds of the negative feedback (NF), that influence it:  an internal NF and external NF. This division is a theoretical one and it is caused by the structure of matter that comes from self-control, namely that the matter as the self controlled system consists of elements, each element  in turn, is an self controlled system. For this reason each element appears under the  influence of NF forces of several self controlled systems: the system (we shall call it ďAĒ system)  it enters (it  is internal NF) and  influence of NF forces of the other system (we shall call it ďBĒ system ) where its ďnativeĒ system is an element (it is external NF). Internal NF appears inside ďAĒ system  spontaneously as reaction on imbalance in system, it stabilizes the work of this system at the certain level and make it the self control one, which is capable to react flexibly on changes in functioning conditions in a certain limits. However, the system ďAĒ (together with its elements) is an element of a bigger self controlled system ďBĒ and is under the influence of system ďBĒ feedback signals. For elements of ďAĒ system  these signals are not the signals of a negative feedback that stabilize their work, but the destabilizing signals of external influence. These signals render an additional pulse for work of a system ďAĒ feedback mechanism, they make this system with all its elements  take into account this new, changed ratio of forces inside it and with the help of self-control mechanism  restore the broken balance in ďAĒ system but at a new level necessary for a bigger system. Actually these signals (NF external signals) also manage system ďAĒ work in interests of system "B". In turn system "B" can enter the structure of system "C" as a separate element, etc.

In our example with plane internal NF controls the airplane as the automatic pilot and provides the deduction of the plane at the certain height and on the set rate. And the rate and height of flight are set to the plane because of airline tasks in passengers transportation and the plane is the element there.

Or the other example: if internal marketís NF provides creation of free market economy than external NF of control system of the country  (where market is a separate element) in relation to market, allows to rule this market with  administrative measures, but however saving this market. In fact any administrative influence should be reaction on imbalance appeared somewhere, and because of that it should show in itself the negative feedback force of the  government.

So when self control achieved by means of internal NF, it provides each element with an opportunity to function according its immanent qualities, and disclosing  these qualities in purposeful activity with participation of the person in self controlled system is provided by realized management of self control with external NF

As a concrete example here is a result of government protective measures that defend the domestic manufacturer from intervention of cheap and high-quality import goods, government introduces additional import duties. However, when firms reduce prices on these goods artificially to gain a new market, it is also an example of external NF.

By the way, to increase now the efficiency of the Russian society would be necessary to protect the society from market elements revelry in questions of morals, culture, education, medicine, etc. In any case external NF allows to subordinate market elements to society interests and unlike unguided objective process in wildlife , it allows to manage these processes within the framework of human society functioning, is allows a person remain a master of the situation in these market conditions.

Why am I speaking about external NF, instead of the realized administrative influence of the person on system? Because   external NF signals should be caused by objective self-control processes in a society, not governmental  voluntarism and besides  they should mean managing influence on functioning conditions of this or that element, that changes conditions  of its work, but keeps self-control process in it (we shall not forget  that each element is a self controlled system). And in fact it is possible "to order" with simply administrative instructions this or that element to act this way or that way ,  but then it will lose the natural stimulus for its own functioning and so interdependence between elements stops being self controlled, that will lower its efficiency. To make it possible, it is necessary, that not only the market, but also external state management machinery would be self controlled system which  elements would be in rigid automatic dependence on management quality, in fact under any circumstances in any functionally closed system self control process should be kept.

To realize that condition between authorities and the society controlled system should be an effective feedback, that allows each person to take part it the life of society.

          We are speaking about ways of market management for so long because there is an opinion in society that it is impossible to manage the market and it should be absolutely free. This error has appeared because self-control is an immanent market characteristic and nobody created primary market as a spontaneously appeared infrastructure of self controlled system of economy. It appeared spontaneously  when the interests of the individual producers that sell their own goods collided and it turned to  the powerful force that determines  life of society, especially in process of capitalism. The system of self-control on the example of the market has proved its high efficiency, the term "market" became a synonym of effective economy and people start thinking that it is a sacred cow. However  the self-control inherent, in the market  working in all displays of its the most complicated modern structure, can be provided only  with negative feedback purposeful use and if the person knows about it he/she can establish relations similar to market (in its high efficiency) where he/she  wishes . As the life of the human society is more diverse, and it cannot be formed only under the spontaneous market laws because only economic interests of people anxious about fight for the survival in rigid competitive struggle faced the spontaneous market formation and in fact ďbread is not the only thing that person needsĒ.

This problem unexpectedly appeared to be not harmless as it could seem at the beginning of capitalism.

In a real life the market economy developed on the self-control basis was distributed practically to all spheres of human activity and so economic interest laying in its origin began to prevail over other stimulus that manage human activity. As a  result all society was infected with ďman of propertyĒ  virus who wants to get maximum profit at any cost. Not only the  development of economy, but also systems of the general education, culture, health services and other spheres of human activity began to be estimated from the point of view of their economic gain only.

As a result in there was a reorientation of values in peopleís consciousness. Now every hand made product and every personís action began to get the price in concrete currency. In these conditions the person involuntarily learns that business that doesnít bring profit is a waste of time so the person wants to earn money everywhere: ęEscapeĽ taxes, for example, with the help of various financial circuits, selling false medicines, poor-quality food stuffs, drugs, his/her body. By nature, as a rule, these things are not peculiar to people and it is not possible to admit that this way is normal! The most important, that the wild, unguided market encourages immorality in people behavior, to search for and find "justification" for it  and does everything to make such behavior norm of  life. And many people  get used to this harm, do not notice it, and think that its an inevitable payment for technical progress and do not imagine, that is possible to live differently. It is necessary to notice (and thank God), that a lot of people try to resist  this negative market influence, but it does not change anything: market ideology distribution in  society promotes its degradation.

Whether is it possible to fight with this phenomenon? Whether are there any principles of human society organization that allow in market  conditions (if it is so good for economy) to stimulate for economy development not low passions how it is done on some TV channels for the sake of money, but normal human relations based, at least, on each other respect? I would like  to hope, that self controlled concept with the help of both kinds of  negative feedback (internal and external) allows to start solving this problem, on one hand, saving market efficiency and on the other hand, reducing negative aspects of its influence on person. Nobody manages to do it till now.

          All time when communists faced a problem of market elements, they decided to get rid of it in the most radical way. In the work ęPrinciples of communismĽ, written in the 19th century before  ęthe Manifest of communist partyĽ Friedrich Engels, was proving an opportunity, in his opinion, of fair distribution of a cumulative public product,  he suggested  radical measure to destroy  private property because it was the basis of individual manufacturers existence, these manufactures were very active, they ignored the interests of society and followed only their mercenary purposes because of competitive struggle between them. To tell the truth,  such actions led to  unprecedented manufacture growth when there were more  goods than  could be consumed - so, there were  overproduction crisis.  But F.Engels decided  not to pay attention to a positive role of the property in economy and doomed communistic idea to defeat. 

The real person is a carnal essence and while he/she is carnal essence, he/she has  needs for food, dream,  mankind continuation, he/she is capable to feel  pain, famine, etc. To satisfy his/her physiological needs the person is compelled to use certain material assets, to buy them and thatís why personís activity is related with concept "property" inseparable. Property that person has, tie him/her to the material world. The possession of personal, individual (it doesnít matter how we call it) property regulates a degree of personís freedom, who is an element of self controlled system of economy. If person has property he/she has a material stimulus and he/she becomes the subject of self controlled economic system, if person is deprived of property, he/she is ďthrown outĒ of this system, he/she canít feel the feedback signals, he/she canít get them because there are no communication lines, he/she has no stimulus, no interests to work effectively. If  to deprive person of property artificially to make him/her more moral like founders of communism wanted to do then the person wonít have stimulus to work efficiently and as a result a non self controlled and consequently ineffective economic system that demands artificial stimulation for functioning will be created.

 The deprivation of private property in Russia in 1917 proved it. It broke natural economic interdependence between subjects of economy and to regulate mutual relations between them the Soviet authority had to create an ineffective device of force management and control over manufacture, and because of that a huge army of the bureaucrats with the great power appeared, there were all negative consequences as bribery, abusing service position, big lag and weak work of that control system. The regulation of relations between people on the basis of the private property in such system  gave place to the arbitrariness  made  by managers who had right to deal with ęcumulative public productĽ and so the destiny of each separate person has got in dependence on ęthe state interestsĽ, sympathies, ambitions and simply decency of this or that official. In such conditions periodic replacement of the officials who have compromised themselves (which was carried under the slogan ęthe staff solves everythingĽ) was useless and only increased numbers of idlers and extortioners. It happened because at such unnatural work organization each again appointed official, even if he/she was a fair person before, had  to turn into the predecessor and  continue to "stick" to the game rules he was imposed from above, or to leave. (However, this phenomenon is typical for every society, there is no feedback). In such conditions career of the person substantially depended not on his/her intelligence, organizing talent or professional experience, it depended on his/her ability to please the official, to find common language with him/her. As a result not the cleverest and competent people came into power.

The overall performance of such economic system as a whole appeared to be lower, than a self control one. Because there were no natural means to stimulate the labor productivity it was possible to support the level of production with artificial methods, strict administrative measures or ideological substitutes as notorious ďsocialistic competitionĒ. But to stimulate the performance of each vital function artificially was practically impossible. Particularly it was shown, for example, that industrial production itself appeared to be unreceptive to science achievements: scientists and inventors could not introduce ideas in production for years without the instruction from above. Or other problem: Labor productivity of workers was artificially limited from above, because wage-fund was planned (with this purpose norm setters periodically reduced cost of each operation, did not allow workers to earn more than it was set by the fund). Actually such approach to business broke people of work and accustomed them to larceny. At the end instead of planned rise, labor productivity decreased abruptly everywhere, that inevitably led to negative consequences for the whole country. It could not continue endlessly and eventually there was a period of stagnation.

Loss of economic competition by the USSR to the West began to be perceived by the country leaders as a threat to its sovereignty. Therefore M.S.Gorbachev who came into power in 1985 found strength in himself to recognize an inconsistency of such control system and he began Perestroika (reorganization). Unfortunately, at that moment he did not understand why his system had collapsed because there were no high grade objective analysis and so he could not accept effective measures to reform it. In these conditions every nation in the USSR wanted to live its own mind, and Soviet Union  broke up into separate states. Now people of these states should realize anew the role and  place in the world community and  build new relations with neighbors, they should think not only about their own interests but also about interests of the other countries. 


The analysis made on the example of Russia shows that high efficiency of capitalist market economy is reached because of self controlled mechanism which is based on the competition between private  proprietors that proves the validity of a conclusion about self-control, as the most effective and natural way of economic functioning. However the competition is possible only between private manufacturers, and it is only a special case of self-formation of the self controlled mechanism. The general rule for self control to appear is a negative feedback in system. The feedback makes every functionally closed system a self controlled and that means an effective one!!!

          If there is on the example of economics a comprehension that the main condition of self controlled system formation is the negative feedback between all elements of the system, then it is possible  to distribute this principle on the other spheres of human activity that allows to create the self controlled system of  human society.

The society organized in such way becomes a part of the natural world when each action has the cause and effect. Each person as the element of society system is, in this case, connected with the world with the help of uncountable amount of straight lines and mediated communications. With these communications he/she influences the world, and the world in turn, renders a return influence on the person makes him follow the principal: ęDo the others as you would have them do to youĽ (Gospel from Luke 6/31). So if there is an effective feedback there is an association of interests of  person and a society.

In an ideal case, when there is a feedback there should not be any element in a society that influences  its development and at the same time is not liable to adjust influence from the other elements. Only in this case actions of all microparticles of the huge social mechanism will be mutually conditioned, and interests of all parts of the society will be taken into account.

From all mentioned above follows that the aim of the postSoviet transformations in Russia should be to reform the government system  to make it the self controlled one where each person and each authority depends on its function. This should be the main sense of the reforms.

 The First step to perform the reforms is the creation of the special laws by the authorities, these laws must be followed strictly. Otherwise the executive authority  in the country cannot make these reforms. They will be glad because in practice the reforms will limit an arbitrariness of bureaucrats automatically.

When these laws are made, each law in the country should pass preliminary expert examination if it  conforms the self control  concept according to which every person who takes part in its execution should depend on its efficiency.

As a result of such reforms each person should be interested in diligent and effective performance of the function he/she carries out. Such measures are capable to increase efficiency of all functions  inside the state  considerably and to protect each person from an arbitrariness of bureaucrats.

          If the whole society, not  only economy, becomes self controlled system it should inevitably  lower the pressure of an economic force on ideology, it should  remove thus negative influence of the market on public morals formation. As a result the life of society should become more balanced.

          Each element in personís life or in the life of society can be the sphere of self controlled concept application.

          The concept has global character, all events happen both in the alive matter, and in human society have cause and effect character initially, that assumes automatic (in this case, spontaneous) use of the feedback that allows to level balance infringement. Problems in the human society that are connected with balance infringement, appear where and when people deliberately, or because of misunderstanding  break this connection that exists between cause and effect.

Thatís why it is necessary ďto connectĒ the cause and effect with the help of feedback to solve the problem!!! For that it is necessary to find out that circumstance which led  to dependence infringement between  cause and effect, then with the help of all available means to put a source of this circumstance in dependence on result necessary for  society. So the source will be included in the feedback chain to solve this problem and to create necessary conditions for its liquidation. That is all!

Actually it is possible to consider each function necessary for society, for example, solving complex international problems and achievement of commercial success, it is possible consider as a result of an activity of potentially necessary self controlled system which, in turn, should have the certain structure that consists of separate functionally intended elements.    

To form such self controlled system, it is necessary to interest each element which can be involved in the problem solving in its performance. If there is such interest this element  will depend on function that is performed by the system that this is the same as if feedback  chains between function of system and elements that establish it. To create this interest it is necessary to take economic or administrative measures that create the system of stimulus that in this case will mean the essence of self-controlled system of management. The received result will be the criterion that demonstrates the correctness of accepted measures.

          We shall create  points are necessary to create functionally closed self controlled system.

1.  To define and formulate its basic function Ė the aim of the system, what we want to receive on an output.

2.  To define functional structure of its elements (if the system exists already) and their opportunities.

3.  To define the means that are necessary to reach the aim, and what elements can possess such means and opportunities.

4.  To define a circle of concrete potential carriers of necessary means (or opportunities), including not only those who already is a part of existing system (the given firm, branch Ö), but also those who donít know about it, but can be interested in it.

5.  To study carefully and define potential carriers interests in means to define an opportunity of their attraction as new elements in self controlled system. To study carefully their needs and if it is necessary, to study what they live for , what values they have, what purposes in  life. These details are necessary to define full list of interests with which help it is possible to involve these elements in structure of formed self controlled system and  to generate its new informal structure.

6.  From available levers of influence to develop a complex of the necessary measures that allow potential carriers of means and opportunities carries to exist, to realize the interests in structure of system ("to adhere" with the help of their interests to system). At the same time to provide an opportunity of an involvement of various people interests, that they have a choice to execute this or that function in system structure, proceeding not only from an economic gain, but also pursuing, maybe, another - not an economic aim.

7.  In parallel with the previous point, to reduce management mistakes to prepare the forecast that shows consequences of developed measures realization.

8.  If the question is in the problem solving in state scale to compare developed measures to the current legislation and  to correct it if it is necessary.

9.  To put the developed measures into practice.

Self-control at a spontaneous level occurs all the time, but efficiency of its principles depends on subjective qualities of this or that leader, his/her IQ and organizing talent. And these qualities are not the same. One of the reasons to introduce self controlled concept is an opportunity to create a successful practice of efficient management of norm of  life.

          Certainly, the sense of the suggested concept is not limited to these nine points. They are for experts who  donít like delve into theory.

          To sum up, lets mention at least 4 points:

1.  As the market is  one of forms of self controlled systems functioning in economy,  so for the state to construct market economy it is enough to understand principles of self controlled system formation and to put them into practice and donít forget its features. Because of that they can minimize the criminal phase of market evolution. Countries canít escape this evolution if they want build capitalism (and Russia, unfortunately, is not exception).

2.      Because of historical practice people at the market act from their personal, egoistic interests, and this leads to collision of their interests. But self controlled systems doesnít behave like that, their actions are not based on personís interests opposition but on their voluntary cooperation,  so it is necessary to change human nature as element of social self controlled system. We are speaking about it because internal "I" defines behavioral motives of the person in his/her relations with other people. The theme of behavioral motives for the self control process organization in a society is extremely important: In fact one hundred or even one thousand of flowers early in the morning turn their petals to the sun, and even two people donít understand each other, when on of them risks his life to save drowning child, and the other for the sake of his comfort throws out his/her newborn  kid  in the garbage container. And the difference in the behavior of this two people changes self controlled system function and it is necessary to change human nature (but it is not yet possible, and will speak about it later) or at least to use self-control  concept to change partly  the system of management.

3.  The concept of self-control shows the market mechanism as the mechanism of action of the self controlled system, it is based on feedback, it allows to look differently at error distributed everywhere, that  market  for sure should be constitutive, free, otherwise it not the market. Only people who do not understand the mechanism of natural origin of the market can speak this way and they are afraid  "to frighten it off", and market can suddenly disappear, or people are trying to get some profit with this statement can speak this way.

        The feedback used for market management, is capable not only to increase its efficiency for the sake of  separate groups of people (that they do sometimes, the do  not wait official science to prove this fact, they lobby their interests in administrative controls) but also to balance dependencies between people that have different character of motivation of their activity (as in the example with saved and ďthrown outĒ child), providing both groups of people with other comprehensible conditions of mutual coexistence.

  High market efficiency is caused by a competition (it is one way to include feedback spontaneous), it is based on opposition of individual economic interests of separate proprietors, and the self control concept allows to combine these interests, saving them, as a basis for market subjects motivation to highly productive activity, and, at the same time directing  this activity on satisfying the  needs of other members of a society. The competition just stimulates activity of market participants - it has a character of Brownian motion, it raises marketís entropy, it makes one person try to surpass another. But as well as Brownian motion it is not directed to reach any realized aim - it is simply necessary now to become better than the contender (even simply weaken him/her) and competition doesnít care where it will lead. But the self controlled concept allows to put market participants not only in dependence from each other, but also in dependence from an ultimate goal determined by self controlled system of higher rank than the market and to give some  sense to Brownian motion of its participants.

            4. Proprietors are subjects of market economy, their motivation of different       

actions in the market  is caused by their direct interest in increasing  the property. However, subjects of public health system, for example, are doctors, their actions should be directed not on increasing the property, but on peopleís treatment. Military personnel is a subject of armed forces  their actions should be directed on state safety, not  on  armed robbery of other people to   increase their own property, etc., So the property that successfully carries out its function of personís activity in economy, in other spheres of human activity should be replaced with system of another stimulus that put people in dependence on function quality performed by them in this field. Because of that the  self controlled concept also should be used in each state. Otherwise, if market relations is kept, for example, in the public health system doctors will treat people not for the sake of their health, but for the sake of their own (doctors) profit from commercially Ė medical activity. And when patientís health turns to the goods then the doctor becomes interested "not to treat him/her well" and patient can ask for help again and again. There are examples of such "treatment". Commerce is forbidden in the army but the ďreformĒ without the concept doesnít move there.


And to speak about practical use of the self controlled concept in Russia, unfortunately, because there is no  above-stated analysis, any concept, and, accordingly,  any conceptual package of laws were not accepted. From the very beginning of Perestroika (Reorganization) in various structures of authority  has been told how it was impossible to live: everybody hurried up to lead the reforms and for this purpose  they wanted to finish with the past quickly, but thus nobody told - how to live. Nobody asked the opinion of ordinary citizens about the country they wanted to live. There even was not the mechanism to find out such opinion (the example of this work proves it). Therefore since the very first moment of declaration of the reforms in Russia after the Soviet Union collapse, the idea of self market formation (there ďspontaneouslyĒ appeared proprietors during the state property privatization became subjects) became the main idea in the sphere of Russian reformers, who thought that they were the main carriers of democracy. The basic argument for this idea was that the whole civilized world lived that way. Thus reformers recognized, that the basic sense of reforms is to increase economic efficiency, and to do it with the help of universal competition between individual proprietors. With this purpose state property privatization became the only mean to reform the life of society. After that reformers hoped that goods would run out cornucopia. Thatís why we were in inactivity for so long; and thatís why present reformers refuses categorically to invest public funds in economy; and thatís why (just to create competition which, in their opinion, is the only  locomotive for reforms) they constantly find opportunities to crush into pieces  existing capacities, whether it is a sphere of Energy or housing and communal services. Thus, privatization of property became both the concept and ideology of modern Russia.

To follow the acceptance of such concept, state property privatization was led in such a manner that most tidbits of this property were received by people who because  of the different reasons were close to ęthe state pieĽ. The overwhelming majority of the population with vouchers were deprived of opportunity to receive ďitsĒ part  from  former state ownership.  So these people initially lost an opportunity to become market subjects and consequently lost interest in market economy formation in the country. Thus, declared  the beginning of reforms, the state at that moment made everything to eliminate a great bulk fair and able-bodied population from the participants in reforms.

However "reformers" were not interest. Regional centers of privatization with Russian Center of privatization in Moscow with the help of American consulting company ďMcKinse and Company. INCĒ and American Agency of International Development were created in Russia. These centers made concrete recommendations how to crush privatized state property into independent structural elements artificially and how to manage them.

Certainly, to crush  the whole into functionally independent parts as we have already told, is one way of artificial formation of the self controlled systems, systems consists of separate elements that supplement each other (or same elements competing among themselves). And in it foreign experts generalized the whole experience, are quite right. But in conditions when millions people were artificially deprived of opportunities to become market subjects, "reformers" should take into account that property privatization leads to self-origin of the market, is, nevertheless, only a special case to start the self controlled mechanism. Besides, not all general property can be shared, and it is necessary to manage such property (natural resources, for example) from one center.

And so the main thing that  was necessary in these conditions was just to start self-controlled process, just, to create a feedback mechanism that establishes and provides constant and effective dependence between elements, that carry out this or that function and the elements use it. Due to this the last elements could influence the first to correct their actions in their own interests having transformed Russian society into self controlled system.

In this case it was not so necessary to give all former state property in charge of individuals as they are not always capable to operate this property effectively. When it was  the question of natural monopolies or natural resources privatization,  it was enough to give some part (1/10 for example)  of 100% the state share holding to the person who can mange it effectively, this part allows its owner (on behalf of the management company that consists of highest class managers) receive percent of the profit  to create interdependence between management  and profit, and self controlled process and overall performance of all enterprise (branch, etc.) as a whole will increase. New owners of the privatized enterprises, who canít manage them, act this way. The state in this case would keep market management levers of economy and in case of a poor management could change the management companies, and the most important: it would receive additional enormous sources to replenish the budget , so it would solve thus "investment" and social problems. (I wonít speak about using its position in the world state would influence economic situation in oil prices and would get an additional profit to its budget and keep role of world market  active participant).

The state is created to  protect the interests of its citizens, but when it gives branches which are public property and provide the sovereignty of the country to individuals, it risks to leave own population without heat and light, not to speak about  threat of defensive capacity, etc. And may be foreign advisors of privatization doesnít care about that, (I, personally, am not sure) but people who rule the country should care. Using the self controlled  concept a long time ago these people could create the viable mechanism that provides inflow  of investments into economy, and in general  create stimulus for all capable population, to pull out a native land from a precipice not only with the help of state ownership and minerals sale, but  due to outstripping growth of industrial production.

             Because there was no concept of reforms in the beginning of 90th years of XX century Russia was artificially put on an early stage of wild capitalism formation with all negative consequences of these stage. There were no positive results in economy and officials were consciously stagnate in reforms management for a long time, so they explained that long absence of positive results as an inevitable one for long transitional  evolution period (?!!) of civilized capitalist relations.

Certainly, if to do nothing, the only thing is to hope for unpredictable results of natural evolution in the country and to wait. As a matter of fact, such irresponsible behavior of these people is caused by the absence of the feedback in  society, or in other words, there were no dependence between their high and independent position and catastrophic results of their activity, that would be impossible if to use this concept in practice. And probably here, by the way, is an answer to a question why it was not still  accepted.

For the same reason economic reforms which are spoken about for a long time which should improve situation in the country, but they were not started till recently.

 For example, in market conditions when its subject operates from its personal interests, the state, on behalf of its executive board - the government, as the market subject should care about its nation interests. If, for example, the world prices on oil have grown, inside the state where the oil is the national property, the prices should be reduced automatically, it provides favorable conditions for internal economic development of the country. It should happen, if oil belongs to the state. But actually the internal prices for mineral oil in our oil-producing country only grow constantly and tries to reach a price level in the countries which consume this oil, and does not react in any way on change in economic situation on world oil market  and it causes the additional inflation  growth that interferes  economic development of Russia.

So what is the management system in the country, if favorable external economic conditions (rise in prices on oil) are the brake for its development? What sort of reforms are we speaking about?

Or how, for example, from a position of reforms it is possible to explain such absurd dependence of the country, when unprecedented corn crop is followed by the same unprecedented rise in internal prices on bread? Where is  the result of the reforms? In fact it should be vice versa! If there is no tool (to develop argued decisions) of the given concept, our politicians look back at the other countries experience, they  are still arguing is it necessary or not to control  prices on  bread in the country, which mechanism to useÖ

Or about what, for example, reform of housing and communal services we can speak about if workers do not  depend on results of the work: when they eliminate water escape in one apartment, they cut the whole 300-room house of water, and they are sure that they wonít incur losses because it wonít influence the tenants payments of their ďserviceĒ, and because of that during the famous ępreparations for winterĽ they didnít care to inspect   gates on each "riser pipe".

All these examples are caused by absence of the self controlled concept.

The existing control system of the country as a whole, and of separate spheres of its life (first of all economy) is not effective. Thatís why we live this way. 

 The country as the bad owner, exists because it sells  the resources and early earn property, and it has no opportunity to invest some parts of profit from oil and gas sale into the development of high technology. It gave the resources to the individuals and should search for the investments somewhere else .

And in the other spheres that provide vital activity of the country the situation is much worse. If it is somehow possible to use privatization as means of reforming where personís actions depend on his/her right on this or that property, but it is not possible to use this mean  to reform army, public health or the general education systems, etc. And it means that the reform was not started. It is impossible to privatize, for example, fundamental science which now does not bring any profit but without it we wonít exist as an independent state. Thatís why we canít do anything in these spheres without the concept of self control.

Sooner or later Russia, certainly, will leave the crisis and the life will be regulated, but without the concept of reforms this process goes blindly, as in a dark room when the successful decision depends on happy-go-lucky  and on the  personality  of this or that leader: how clever, how independent how fair he is.

And this process would continue till the self control mechanism is created in the country. There should not be  no doubts that this mechanism will be created sooner or later If the present government doesnít do it, then the next government will do it.  Because according to the concept, the mankind during its previous deformation created the mean of spontaneous and compulsory inclusion of the self controlled mechanism. This mean - is a competition. Only there should be an alternative for the present policy of the government.  So the political force that will accept the self controlled concept as the tool to reform the society, has more chances to win the following elections because of more favorable idea. So, threat to loss power should make the present government choose:  to use the concept to carry out the reforms in the country voluntary, or after the next elections to leave this role to the next political power, which is ready to do it instead. Thatís why it is possible to tell,  that the self control mechanism will be created in the country sooner or later.

For now there is nothing like that in the country, each person continues to count only on himself/herself. And only due to huge patience and survivability of our people, enormous resources of minerals (Divine mercy for us) our distressful country continues to live.

People are put in conditions when to survive everyone should behave as the conqueror in the foreign country: the more you steal - the better. The first, it is humiliating, and  the second, it separates people, and in fact we are the one nation,  at the same time we are  conquerors and local natives. Why should we adopt experience of other countries? When they donít realize them up to the end, why people should conflict with each other, for what oppose one to another, and asserts at the same time that actions in the guise of reforms are the unique ęcivilized way of mankind developmentĽ.

 The state is a complete organism, where each body has its function. To make this organism healthy, each body should perform its function in full, and take into account needs of the others. The authority is a head. To act reasonably the head should feel problems of legs that bear it,  - not just know them, actually to be a single whole, that it precisely depends on legs as legs depend on it. And that in artificially created mechanism "head" becomes the single whole with  "legs" there should be feedback chains between them, that  mean automatic dependence of one on another: the weariness of "legs" should automatically (!)  cause "headache". Then "head" at once will become wiser, that means  the system consists of these two elements, becomes self controlled, and capable to react and change under external or internal influence. Then also it will not be necessary to change ďstaffĒ that wants to make his own decision (in spite of my will). Because feedback will stop vicious process of corrupt and impudent layman reproduction in authorities.


Now it is fashionable to talk a lot about the determinative meaning of democracy for the reformís success.  Especially I want to pay attention at this question and mention  that to reform Russian society effectively, only its democratization is not enough. In fact Russia appeared not today and the cargo of the contradictions which were kept during the decades of authoritative management of the country from the very beginning needed purposeful management and, the most important, the creative work in reforms should be realized. Specially created mechanism is needed to make this work successful, this work should be led in the context of democracy. And this is the self controlled mechanism we are talking about. And this mechanism should not be opposed to the process of society democratization because only due to this mechanism it is possible to realize peopleís power not on  paper but in practice.

Certainly, it is not possible to introduce this mechanism in the life of society without democracy, the totalitarian authority simply would not allow it. But it will be very silly to confine oneself only to society democratization, do not use the opportunities of this democracy to create the mechanism of the society effective reforming  with peopleís will.

Yes, of course, nobody begins to argue that democracy in a society is made to provide freedom of citizens declaration of will. However, to a certain extent fascism in Germany can be the result of free declaration of will. Hitler came to power because of free election! That means first of all, it is important on what idea the energy of this democracy is directed. In fact the democracy itself doesnít have any constructive idea, it looks like the ship moving adrift. And if this wind is caused by the market elements directed only by mercenary economic interests of separate proprietors such democracy can lead the society to anarchy and chaos. Because, unfortunately, in democracy itself does not have congenital immunity to immorality.

Iíll give a small example. Lets tell, in conditions of democracy when the authority should belong to people, the role of the mass media that should provide people with the objective information on all interesting questions, grows. But "market" democracy differs from simple democracies because in total market  conditions, the mass-media are in the hands of sellers of the information and each of them pursues  his own/her own economic interests. And protecting these interests owners of mass-media as totalitarian authority, also have an opportunity to manipulate the information (they even should not deform it, just batch) so directly or indirectly to form public opinion favorable for them, and use this public opinion to reach their own concrete economic goals. It is good, if these goals coincide with necessity to give objective information to the population. But if it is not so, the person can appear in the distorted informational space where the truth is hide under the other people interests. In such society if people piously believe that they are right so they, can fight for the goals that can hurt them in the end. And some "successful " PR" companies of presidents election on the post Soviet area can prove it. ďDouble standardĒ practice is close to these companies, and it is used successfully in politics. It became possible because of not totalitarian, but democratic mass-media. Democracy in such conditions is only the convenient tool of public opinion  manipulation because every time it makes person choose not what is really necessary for him/her but the lesser of two evils what is imposed by the interested people. Such quasi democracy is cultivated worldwide by people who want rule this world in their interests individually. Protecting this ďdemocracyĒ its supporters are ready set black for white. And thank God, that there is an independent feedback in the world, this feedback takes into account in its work not personís opinion but the real situation, and it sometimes  dots one's "i's" and crosses one's "t's". But we will talk about it in details in the third chapter. 

Original democracy as the valid power of people, becomes possible only when there is mechanism that takes into account an opinion of every person, and this is made with the help of feedback between people who rule and who are ruled, and if there is no such mechanism, when we canít speak about any democracy.

The concept of self-control is directed to solve this problem too and its introduction to a practical life allows to turn on the mechanism of original democratization of a society. And this conclusion can be important not only for Russia. Now we shall continue.

According to the self controlled concept the market as the self controlled system of economy, at the same time is an element of larger self controlled system - a human society. Character of the market is defined by incentive motives of subjects take part in its work (me and you) that is quite natural and democratic. But as the element of unguided market focused on economic interests of each person as an element of this system, it does not take into account compatibility of its interests with other peoples interests, who are also democratically adjusted members of society, but  it helps disproportions in all spheres its activity increase. These disproportions automatically turn on the self controlled mechanism of the market, and also they destabilize situation in society where the market is a separate element and consequently they again automatically turn on the self controlled mechanism of a society. Imbalance in society  caused by the market forces automatically becomes forces potential of the negative feedback that influences the market, which is  the reason of its occurrence, to liquidate the disproportions. Here it is.  Everything is very simple.

This implies, that the market  is controlled anyway, but if we donít understand the above described management  mechanism, the market is ruled spontaneously and not always successfully (basically because the feedback of the society is not developed, that allows market  apologets  to tell that external administrative influence on market is not possible).

So, the self control concept allows to manage the market advisedly in the interests of all members of society, and at the same time to keep the efficiency of market economy. 

The self control mechanism created by the example of the market allows to use this concept to increase the efficiency of administrative function when different problems inside and outside the state.

Thus it is necessary to recognize, that according to the self-control concept borrowed from nature, each state is an element of system of a world civilization and represents functionally closed self controlled system intended to satisfy needs of all its members (people), that are incorporated in to different self-controlled systems according their individual interests and features, these systems are structural elements of the state, and are necessary for its high-grade functioning. Therefore if there are no feedback chains between all elements of the state structure, including every single person, every functionally necessary unit occupied in economy, in art, in science, in controls Ö an effective development of the state is impossible!

But that is not all yet. Yes, the self-control concept allows to form perfectly organized, very effective and powerful state that compels every person ęto run round in small circlesĽ in his/her functional niche. Relations between people in such state should be regulated very bulky by legislation - each correct or wrong action should have an asset. Such state becomes the state of law dictatorship and the history knows a lot of powerful states which have left the significant trace in a history of mankind, nevertheless they decayed from within and disappeared. And all states in the world function close to this circuit. And, it means, their faith is the same - aspire to perfection, never reaching it. Why does it happen?

Because in conditions of law leadership, the unproved lie plays a role of truth. And laws are written by the same people who sometimes pursue their secret aims. In this formally legal situation it is possible to privatize all natural resources of the country for nothing or by formally legal political technologies bring to a victory any president. The condition of broken balance is preserved because of such formally legal actions in society, due to leadership of laws. The contradictions which appeared in this time become latent, collect, and further lead to serious consequences that destroy the state.

On the other hand, the self controlled system of human society can function successfully on benefit of all its elements only if the relations between people are based on spontaneous, not compelled account of each other interests. Not the law written on paper and its performance that is provided by institutes of authority specially created for it as police or judicial bodies should be the base of these relations between people but conscience and mutual love. Otherwise, if there is a crisis situations in the society, each person will care only about himself/herself and because of this will be ready to tear to shreds everyone, whether it is a policeman who prevents him from plunderins shop or the neighbor who has pulled out a piece of sausage from his/her hand. At formal observation of law only love of people to each other allows to compensate all defects and lacks: ę Ö for he who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the law. For this, "You shall not commit adultery, You shall not murder, You shall not steal, You shall not covet," and if there is any other commandment, it is summed up in this saying, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." Love does no wrong to a neighbor; love therefore is the fulfillment of the lawĽ. (Romans 13/8-10). But if there is no love between people, and behavioral motives are based on the  opposition works on principle ęeye for eye and  tooth for  toothĽ, and they are provided only by rigid violent observance of the law, than  such system is doomed to self-destruction. Unfortunately, the suggested management concept of a society, with all its advantages, is not capable to change internal human nature and to make conscience and mutual love the main behavioral motives of people.

How, for example, is it possible to fight with "businessmen" that sell ordinal water from rusty Moscow water-pipe as the Caucasian medical mineral water "Borshomi"? Or how it is possible to make the government official not to betray interests of people for a bribe and not  to give "gratuitously" bowels of the whole country to single person disposal? To raise his/her the salary till the sizes of the bribe? But its not a way out.  ęIt doesnít matter how much you feed the wolf he will run to the woodsĽ. Therefore it is not necessary to have special illusions that this concept has a universal influence on society. This concept allows to provide tolerable coexistence to people that have different views on life, it does not solve the problem of morals of their behavior. And this is its main disadvantage. Because frankly speaking it is necessary to recognize, while we are making the privatization we simply agree that we canít manage the property effectively, because for us ęcharity begins at home, self likes itself bestĒ. The recognition of this fact exposes moral illness of the society, it means that at the given stage of the development the basic motive that manages peopleís behavior is a tendency to live only for the sake of themselves, this tendency is based on competition.  Everyday more and more people feel negative consequences of such world outlook on himself/herself and it is known from a history how sooner or later it ends. 

From here follows, that the pressing question to optimize the activity of self controlled systems (and we canít go away from it, because the self control process in this world continues with our realized participation or without) is the question about  the origin of behavioral motives of the person. In fact behavioral motives stimulate the person in the structure of self controlled system to do these or that actions. The search of the answer to this question will be the basic point of our further researches.


Chapter 2. Origin of  behavioral motives

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