Alexey Tyabin

Algorithm of existence

(or the sermon for atheists)

translated by A.N. Obukhova





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From the author


Chapter 1. Concept of self-control


Chapter 2. Origin of  behavioral motives


Chapter 3. Evolution of morals



Chapter Two

Origin of behavioural motives


 To start this chapter I want to warn you, that we shall intrude into a completely unknown field, nobody was there before. That’s why do not believe me, but argue together with me. To facilitate this problem I shall try, as before, to avoid scientific terms and to express the ideas in simple language. We simply shall think together. So, let’s start.


 During the previous reasoning we have received an algorithm of human social existence which in essence is: the person is an integral part of the wildlife of a planet and every community of people should function as a living organism if it doesn’t want to die. Alive means capable of reacting adequately to a change in the conditions of existence. Such ability for artificially created organism is achieved due to its transformation into self controlled system. Self-control is achieved when a feedback  mechanism is introduced into a system so that the actions of each element of the system are put in direct dependence on results received from the output of the system. It makes each element  promote maximum effective function performance of the system and  do everything that depends on it.

Considering this, each element initially is an independent being and when it chooses its actions it pursues its own ends.  It follows, then, that the feedback should influence the element’s performance of its function, namely - through the element’s satisfaction of its personal interests, it independently develops actions which are necessary for system.

But interests are different. Where do they come from, how are they formed? We didn’t get the answer on this question in the first chapter. And this question is one of the most important for self controlled systems functioning! Because it is necessary to influence differently on different interests. Hence, it is very important to know the origin of this or that interest that determines the behaviour of an element.

Where does, for example, "personal interest" (or in other words behavioural motive) of the flower, that makes it turn its "head" and follow the sun come from? Its obvious, that the behavioural motives of a living plant should be caused by its internal (and it is not known yet who and how set them) properties. Therefore different properties of an element, whether it is a person or a flower, cause different needs and different behavioural motives. But a difference in an element’s  properties should have some  base, it means that the material element should have a material carrier of its individual properties and features - some complex unique internal structure, that, however, corresponds to our concept, that  proves  each element itself is a self controlled system that consists of other minor elements. And every element of this new internal structure also should be alive and have the structure that proves its individual properties and behavioural motives, since in fact a billion dead grits collected together is only the heap of sand that is not capable to react to external indignation independently.

So the internal structure is capable of defining internal properties, and behavioural motives elements while its small elements continue to remain self controlled systems (or remain alive in the sense that they can keep an ability to react to external influences adequately because of unknown reason).

Arguing this way, we shall try to divide elements into more and more smaller elements until there would be nothing left to divide! In fact it is impossible to reduce  the size of an element endlessly and at the same time  to demand complex internal structure from it. Sooner or later we shall reach an indivisible element, for example, the electron. And how shall we find the motive that draws it to a proton? And this motive should be inside itself. Atoms consist of such indivisible particles, and chemical elements consist of atoms, and the whole material world consists of chemical elements, and we, too. And if an electron is not alive also the whole material world, like a heap of sand, cannot be alive. And in fact it is not true! (To tell the truth, earlier only the atom was considered indivisible, and now we speak about electrons and protons; maybe we shall add here neutrons, positrons and, perhaps, even neutrinos. We are not interested in “particles” that “are discovered” by scientists when they artificially divide  atoms into some hundreds other "particles", because they “are created” unnaturally, the length of their existence is only a multi-billionth of a split second, and is too short to form something stable and tangible with them. In Richard Feynman’s (American physicist) opinion, «the number of particles in the world is not limited and depends on the energy that is spent to destroy the nucleus». Hence, destroying a nucleus we receive not particles, but their splinters, which exist only long enough to scatter extensively.)

But if an electron is   an elementary particle and is indivisible, that means, it should be drawn to proton because of other incentives! In fact if there are no reasons caused by its complex structure there should be some other reasons! What sort of reasons? I do not know yet. Lets continue our reasoning.

Electrons and protons are indivisible particles, nevertheless they differ from each other: electron in the current opinion has a negative charge, and proton has a positive one, due to which electron actually is drawn to the proton. And why do the elements that have identical internal structure from the point of view that they have no structure,  at the same time possess opposite charges? What is known about these particles? We continue to argue.

If they are drawn, it means there is some distance between them and, hence, they cooperate at  a range. And only waves (or force fields by means of waves) can operate at a range. And where does an electron get waves from? Delirium. Or is the nature of electron somehow connected with waves? But if it is true then the whole material world that consists of these electrons, should be connected with waves too?!

However it is known, that not only electrons cooperate at range: the same flowers turn "their head" after the sun not because the gardener helped them with hidden hands.  Also notice how the condition of the cardiovascular system of the person depends on magnetic storms on the  Sun; with the help of sound waves doctors destroy stones in kidneys at a range, they  increase blood circulation in the person’s sick body; mobile phones allow us to receive the necessary information at a distance. So in a real life the exchange of energy and the information at a range is everywhere. And only waves can transfer energy and information without weight transfer.

In general waves as such mean a cyclic redistribution of energy in the space, that is carried out on the certain law. This process, among the other reasons of its occurrence, can be generated by various source fluctuations. And fluctuations, in turn, are the integral property of material existence: in fact everything alive has the certain rhythms of fluctuations. It is hard to tell if it happens because of the internal or external reasons. Most likely both, in fact even the process of self-control caused by feedback forces, makes self controlled systems make auto-oscillations concerning its balance.

Everything fluctuates in a material: cycles of solar activity repeat regularly; doctors identify cycles of metabolic processes (even the bone stock is completely replaced within 11 months) and cycles in functioning life-support systems of a human body (experts – pulse diagnosticians distinguish 28 pulses, that is each organ has its cycle in work). Phases of the Moon change occasionally and influence the cycles of some processes on earth. But not all fluctuations generate waves that are capable to be distributed in space – some fluctuations only modulate bearing waves, therefore absorbing information about the life of the matter.

 First of all we are interested in the bearing waves, capable to be distributed in space, in fact the question is about an opportunity to transfer the influence at distance. We shall leave those waves whose range is limited to the environment of their distribution (for example, acoustic) and pay attention to waves that we think are capable to be distributed ad infinitum – electromagnetic waves. The known frequency range is within the limits of radio waves and gamma radiation. Light takes the narrow part of electromagnetic wave band.

Why do we start talking about light? Because the nature of light is dual: in one case light behaves as a stream of electromagnetic waves, and in other cases – as a stream of corpuscles (particles), that at least proves that there is a dependence between elementary particles and electromagnetic waves.

And we are interested in this fact, because if the light behaves as a particle and as the wave, probably here it is a secret interaction between substance and field. Only what if these particles are these corpuscles? They are also called photons. But these particles (quantum of electromagnetic energy) do not have mass at all when at rest! That means that nobody has never «held them in their hands». Or do they exist only while they move (because when they stop they disappear, at least their mass disappears …)? And what is left?... The electron is quite another matter. It has mass and other parameters: radius, mechanical moment (spin), magnetic moment. However in the standard opinion a photon that has no rest mass is capable of knocking an electron out of the surface of a material thing when it (photon) falls on the material thing. At least the people who discovered this phenomenon – the photoelectric effect, say so.


Unfortunately, when we study similar processes, we have no opportunity to observe them in a microscope, and are compelled to use logic only. Unequivocally during experiments it was established that electron absorbs photon and electron emits photon. Of course nobody has seen, how any concrete electron absorbs or emits photon, and, maybe, photon turns into electron and vice versa. Who counted them, how many electrons there were before absorption of a photon and how many after?...  And consider that the results of these transformations are checked by devices, which can be the reason themselves for all transformations. And probably, not casually corpuscular properties of light are shown only in case of reflection or refraction of light - its interaction with an obstacle.

The information content that is transferred by light that can’t be transferred by the steam of particles is counted in favour of the idea that before meeting with an obstacle light is distributed by waves. The wave actually, in comparison with a particle, when we are speaking about the transfer of the information, has unlimited opportunities. For this purpose it has many variable characteristics: length of a wave, wave recurrence rate, amplitude, wave phase, (I personally would add the size of wave front, its curvature decreases while the distance from a source of radiation increases), and, at last, a waveform can have different configurations depending on the perceived information.

An experiment on holography can prove it, during this experiment researchers  radiographed, a splinter of the broken hologram, received 3D graphic presentation not of the  parts, but the whole in space. That means each point of the hologram has information about the whole object!

The hologram is an interference figure that is formed on a photosensitive material when coordinated (or, in other words, coherent, that means they came from the one source and consequently have absolutely identical frequency and angular phase difference) wave streams are put on it. These streams came from two directions: one, directly reflected from fixed object, and another – support that doesn’t reach the object, is reflected from a translucent mirror and gets in the hologram, too. Algebraic sums of these waves on the hologram allows it to fix the difference between reflected stream from the object and support beaming as an  interference figure. This repeating difference from one wave front to another remains fixed on a photosensitive material as set of the light and dark spots corresponding to maximum and minimum of wave energy. In maximum this energy of both wave streams coincides on a phase and, are put on each other, is summarised, and in minimum because of distinction of it is subtracted. And the wave information from each point of researched object according to Guigens-Frenel principle gets into each point of the hologram and due to a principle of wave superposition this information is not deformed, and is kept in this point. The principle of superposition means, that all numerous waves reflected from researched object, when they pass one through another, are not deformed and, are fixed in each point on a light-sensitive material of the hologram, and keep the full information about object in every point. This information, even if one takes only a small splinter of the hologram and radiograph it with the support ray from the source with which it was created, allows one to restore in space a 3D graphic presentation of the whole object (fixed as interference figure in each point its hologram).

In the other case, with laser irradiation (a source of coherent waves) of ripples (received with the help of a pinger), the image of a subject under water appeared in space, it means that waves on a surface of water have the full information about what is under that water.

Or if some readers are not familiar with holography, think how the human eye perceives the visible world. For example, the person looks at the starry sky and sees light from millions of distant stars. Even if from each star only one particle the size of an electron flies away, how many particles bombard the eye of the person simultaneously! And if the person make a half-step aside and he sees the same stars, that means that particles from those stars are flying to the new location of the person’s eye. And how do not they collide with each other, when each is trying to get in an eye of the person who stands in this place?! And if the person gets in a car and drives, and he/she is continuing to look at stars he/she will see them constantly, he/she is quick to grasp particles from each of millions visible stars. I do not tell that towards him/her there is one more fan who likes looking at the starry sky …

It appears, that the information on each star is in each point of space. As on the hologram! Only unlike the usual man-made hologram in this case there is no need to use coherent waves which are necessary to fix steady interference figure from motionless object on photoresponsive material. In fact in space this information is fixed not by a photoresponsive material but by our eye which instantly transfers into the brain the dynamics of visual information changes that are getting to the eyes. And it proceeds every second for millions, and even billions of years. So any amount of particles will not be enough! Let's get serious.

The only explanation for light being distributed by waves and at the same time acting like a particle stream can be the ability of waves to turn into particles, and vice versa. I say: "vice versa" because it has already been proved that, «electron  is capable not only to absorb but also to let out a photon». Therefore it may follow, that electron in general is the "inhibited" photon, that means the wave processes go on inside the electron, these processes keep  wave energy that is brought by photon and is radiated in space when electron "emits" photon (or after electron’s transformation into photon if you like it more).

In general all stable elementary particles, that are capable of cooperating at a distance show a certain force field around themselves and its unique source is wave processes inside them. And the wave properties of elementary particles do not disappear, when they are united in the atoms which chemical elements consist of, or in chemical compounds, which are in everything that is visible in the material world. Each subject, each thing, an insect, an animal, a person has a surrounding field; this field is created by the set of wave functions that they have. So, apparently, all subjects of a material world, from an elementary particle up to the person, have the same source of the origin, it is based on the wave processes that have properties of an electromagnetic field (if it is necessary, it allows to establish interdependence between elements of self controlled systems without direct contact between them). Light has the same basis as it has been already told, so we also are compelled to recognise that to solve the origin of the electron’s behaviour it is advisable to search in the dual nature of light, in interconversions of a photon and elementary particles. Therefore it is necessary to search for photons attentively. Where does  it come from, this photon? Who created it?

In due time scientist - physics, first of all M. Plank, together with A. Einstein, E. Shredinger, supposed that if electromagnetic waves acted as a certain tangible physical reality then the certain slice of electromagnetic waves could be named a particle or electromagnetic field quantum, or a photon. This assumption should mean, that though light is distributed by waves, that wave process has not a continuous character, but discrete – quantized one. And the size and the order of quantization is defined by some constant called “Plank constant” (by name of the author of  quantum existence idea). But it is still not understood where this Plank constant comes from in nature and what it means.

But nevertheless the photon is a photon, not the electron, proton or neutron, which the atoms of chemical elements consist of. In fact it does not possess the main quality which is necessary for substance formation- it does not have rest mass. Not it doesn’t have mass at all, but it just doesn’t have rest mass. Telling these things, scientists somehow mean that it has mass in the other condition. But we need it in rest. Otherwise how can we build atoms from particles which do not stand still? The wave is not a stone or piece of another substance, and it doesn’t matter how many waves we take (in size of photon either bigger or smaller). But if to put some waves on each other then its going to be the effect of stone influence,  when, for example, as a scramjet  gets over sound barrier, - panes fly out in both cases. When waves are put on each other in physics it is called interference and this phenomenon is peculiar not only for wave band, but also for electromagnetic waves, including light distribution band.

However let’s return to photon. If there is a process of interconversion of electromagnetic waves and elementary particles, that means, it is necessary to stop electromagnetic waves, to make them exist in one point. Otherwise it is not possible to get electron from a photon (or other elementary particle) and it will be impossible to explain, why it is drawn to a proton - it will be impossible to explain, why there is a life. But how is it possible to make wave stand still? Unless can a wave stand still and be a wave at the same time? Is it really a question that life depends on? And not in a figurative sense, but in a literal sense?

But there is a concept of coincident wave in physics! Moreover, in coincident wave there is a phenomenon of an interference that we have already mentioned.  Because of that phenomenon minimum and maximum of wave energy occupy the certain fixed position in space. It happens when two or more waves from the coherent sources are put on each other. Waves collision happened already when the plane was getting over the sound barrier. It happened when the source of waves (plane), was speeding up, at some moment started to move with sound speed. Hence one wave had not time to get away from the plane as the second wave appeared, there were waves collision on each other, waves energy was summarised and there was a destructive effect of plane that got over the sound barrier.

As the phenomenon of an interference is equally both peculiar to acoustic and electromagnetic waves the given example is interesting because it shows how repeated waves collision on each other promotes concentration of their energy on the limited site of space. In this example acoustic waves from the flying plane, with the help of its "sound" speed, were put on each other and formed uniform curved surface of shock front where their energy was reinforced a lot.  And this shock wave was following the plane with its (plane’s) speed, beat out the glasses in windows, and in general, operated not worse a stone. To increase concentration of such wave energy even more, to  roll up its cone-shaped surface into pipe a line thick, it would be necessary to make the plane rotate around  this line, it means  to fly around it on the small limited circle with the speed of sound - which is actually impossible.

But photon is not the plane,  in fact it hasn’t got rest mass and consequently what is impossible for the heavy plane can be possible for a photon. If to make a front wave packet circle just as we have mentally simulated for the plane, then a wave’s forward movement will turn into angular motion. As a result waves will begin to be put on each other, cause the interference and the appearance of the effect of coincident waves. And we will get stopped in space and circle an electromagnetic field quantum with the concentration of the wave’s energy actually in one point. (Because sound waves are longitudinal, and electromagnetic waves are crosscut, electromagnetic waves energy will concentrate not on a line as in sound waves, but  will be distributed  regularly to  internal surface of the certain volume formed with the circulation radius of a photon wave packet  - my comment, Ą.Ņ.).

Taking into account, that electromagnetic waves move with light speed, and the formula of energy for light speed is a product of mass on a square of speed: Å=mń2, then we have photon energy (product of Plank  constant on frequency: E=hv where h - Plank constant, v – photon frequency).   For the first time in our reasoning we have a theoretical opportunity to receive mass from coincident wave energy that circles in the closed photon volume (!), that is equal to an establishment of real dependence between an electromagnetic wave’s energy and substance. And taking into account that now this photon does not fly anywhere, and circles on one place, the mass formed in this case is tied to this place , and, hence, it needs to be named  photon rest mass. But as the photon does not have rest mass then, it won’t be a photon any more, but something else - the particle of substance that has rest mass! Certainly, the condition of rest concerns only the appeared mass, not wave packet of  photon - it will continue the movement, but the circular movement limited to radius of its circle. And as this circle movement of waves will mean that wave process is preserved, this process will  continue  inside the appeared substance, so  it is impossible to exclude that under certain conditions, connected with substance destruction , wave circlular movement can stop and wave packet of a photon will continue the progress in space - the photon will fly further.

As a matter of fact, we constantly notice the process of wave energy transformation into substance and back in our daily life, and we do not pay any attention to them. Process of burning, for example, means transformation of material elementary particles into photons that is proved by electromagnetic waves radiation during the combustion of substance. These waves have a corresponding band . In fact when the  kilogram of wood is burnt only a small hill of ashes is left while the great bulk of the fire wood that consist of the same electrons, protons and neutrons, turns into light energy and  thermal energy as electromagnetic waves  radiation of an infrared band, that means at the same flying photons. In this connection it seems quite logical, what if the substance is capable to turn into energy why should not be back process - process of energy transformation in substance? In fact the same wood appears under influence of light that allows small, light as a fluff seed grow in a huge heavy tree.

So, we try to present an elementary particle of a matter as the electromagnetic energy quantum that is located in space.

The first attempt to present electron as the located photon was made by the author of well-known wave equation Ervin Shredinger, but friends were indignant, and mathematical calculations then showed, that the photon that moved in vicious circle could not be stable formation, that is the elementary particle should disappear, not even had time to appear. And in fact we need long-living particles, centenary trees can consist of and not only.

If nevertheless electron occurrence, as a located in space photon is possible,  then there should be some certain conditions of the localisation, that Shredinger did not take into account in that time: if mass of electron, spin, an elementary charge have identical sense to all electrons , so  the photon to turn into electron should have not casual, but quite certain parameters: the certain radius of the circulation, the certain quantity of energy, and also a necessary minimum quantity of waves in a wave packet that all together these conditions could provide occurrence of a stable elementary particle.

This problem was very cleverly, and, in my opinion, successfully, solved in the work «Logical physics of elementary particles» by Dr.Sci.Tech. Gevork Shavarshovich Kirakosian. (I met his brochure by accident when  I despaired of finding truth and prayed to God to show me the connection between electromagnetic waves and substance).

To locate a photon in space G. Kirakosian made it circle , mentally pressing a wave packet of a photon in volume, commensurable with wave-length. In this case waves are put on each other, and there is a phenomenon of superposition of many waves and a solid interference. Being placed inside a circle which length is equal or multiple to wave-length, these waves create coincident waves and it is necessary to consider the formed wave as a coincident. Rest energy of such particle is possible to explain only as a photon energy, and this it in turn means, that occurrence of  elementary particle rest mass  really should be considered as  localisation effect of a photon energy  in space.

Kirakosian considers, that distribution of the appeared  particle mass in its volume corresponds to the form of energy concentration, it happens because coincident wave appeared in limited volume.

Such model of an elementary particle allows to explain why it has  a so-called electric charge. So it has electric charge because of static fields action, these fields appeared because of fluctuations and circulation of vectors of electromagnetic waves intensity inside a particle that is formed with the help of coincident waves. Thus shows  the reason that makes electron drawn to  a proton!

Shredinger’s doubts in stability of such particle was caused by seeming «impossibility to provide symmetric distribution of field quantum ambiguity in  all volume of localisation» because it was  impossible  to provide strictly sinusoidal vibrations in a wave packet of a photon. Because of this non-uniformity (absence of symmetry) the particle, in opinion of scientists (similar to a handwheel with the displaced fulcrum pin- author’s comment), could not keep long inside itself process of waves rotation and should become radiating. Kirakosian asserts, that symmetry can be achieved by selection of amount of waves in a photon wave packet, when (amount of waves) – «space-symmetric distribution of field quantum ambiguity in volume of localisation» will be provided. In other words he believes, that as photon  energy depends exclusively on frequency, instead of amount of waves in a wave packet it is possible to pick up such amount of waves in a packet (by analogy how  the common denominator at addition of vulgar fractions is selected) which will provide necessary uniform, «space-symmetric distribution of ambiguity» in all volume of energy distribution of appeared coincident wave (as in automobile wheels trim with the help of extra plummet - authors comment).

G.Kirakosian has considered three variants of coincident wave formation that depend on diameter of circulation of a photon wave packet : in the first case the photon is located in a circle whose length is equal to its wave-length. The elementary particle received in this case is identical to electron (or to a positron - depending on a direction of waves rotation).

 In the second case «the K-number of the whole waves is placed on a circle. And then the cellular structure of coincident wave units appeared», these units are located on a circle and the diameter of each spontaneously formed cell is equal to wave-length. The particle that is formed as a result of such form of photon localisation corresponds to a proton (or to a neutron, depends on coincidence or discrepancy of a direction of field rotation in cells and in an orbit) according to all characteristics.

In the third case of photon localisation its wave packet is placed on a circle in length in half and in a quarter of a wave-length. In result two kinds of the particles similar to neutrino, but with two different masses should appear.

Despite the seeming unreality of such a hypothesis of elementary particles occurrence, the designed parameters of the particles "received" with its help correspond the existing. So, for example, the magnetic moment of the particle received with the help of photon localisation wave- length (electron or  positron) in absolute figures is approximately equal to 1,0011597, and experimentally established is equal to 1,001159652. The ratio of  proton and electron frequencies, received with the help of calculations  under condition of their occurrence as electromagnetic field  located quantums of an is equal to 1836,12, that also corresponds to a ratio of experimentally received mass of these elementary particles - 1836,1527. Equality of ratio confirms a conclusion that the particle mass is defined by energy of the located photon that caused its (energy) appearance.  (I remind, that photon energy depends only its frequency). Besides the total magnetic moment of the particle which appeared because of  photon localisation by the second variant (a proton or a neutron), by Kirakosian’s calculations is equal to the sum of the magnetic moments of the cells located on a circle and the orbital magnetic moment of the whole particle (1,91+0,88) =2,79 that is adjusted with experimentally established size of the magnetic moment of a proton. If the direction of rotation in cells does not coincide with orbital the magnetic moments in cells are not summarised with the orbital magnetic moment, and there is only a value of the sum of the magnetic moments in the cells, equal to 1,91, that is close to value of the neutron magnetic moment.

It is necessary to add, that such nature of elementary particles very logically explains physical sense of Compton effect- as the phenomenon of the resonance that appears  at interaction of a particle, that is the located photon with the usual non-local photon; and occurrence of De Broil wave - as Doppler effect caused by the wave nature of the moving particle.

In general, the wave nature of elementary particles occurrence very logically explains also many other phenomena, including, for example, the "inexplicable" nature of nuclear forces: «As magnetic force of interaction changes inversely proportional to a cube of distance, and electric force inversely to a square, then there is such minimal distance when  magnetic drawing force between particles can exceed repellent Coulomb repulsion force. Discussion of this condition for electron shows, that even at minimally possible distance between two particles Coulomb force remains prevailing. It shows, that electrons are not capable to form connection. Discussing the given condition for protons and neutrons, it is possible to see, that their structural feature and a configuration of electromagnetic fields allow them to form connections. … When particles approach each other from some distance there is a spasmodic mutual orientation of the magnetic moments that leads to dramatic change of magnetic and electric contradictory forces ratio. Then particles are "stuck" with the help of magnetic forces».

By the way, from Kirakosian’s conclusions follows, that character of interaction and structure of electric and magnetic fields of protons and the neutrons, that form nucleus of chemical elements atoms,  make them cooperate in a manner that results in the strongest and most symmetric arrangement « the structure of nucleus corresponds to hexahedron  crystal structure », which is possible to see in  nature frequently. (Nucleus of helium, carbon, oxygen, etc. - see the primary source).

So, our preliminary conclusion about the wave nature of elementary particles which we have made while we were searching the behavioural motives of primary elements of self controlled systems, has found the logic substantiation in work unfamiliar to us:   Kirakosian G.Sh. Moreover, Kirakosian could show the mechanism of elementary particles’ occurrence from waves! It can please us and allows to assert with the even greater confidence, that a fundamental principle of all viable processes proceeding in the visible material world, a source of substance, and the whole visible  world around us, is  electromagnetic waves of a visible band, that is light.

In this connection it is necessary to note, that the mathematical model describing the space we live in should assume presence of the rotary coordinates in it, that are  necessary for the  description of wave energy transformation process of a light band into substance. Otherwise this model will be incomplete, and it won’t reflect an objective reality. But we shall leave this business to professionals and return to our reasoning.

Thus, we came to a conclusion, that the matter our world consists of, is a special form of electromagnetic wave energy existing in a visible light band, this form is transformed because of certain information law and is located in space. From this it follows, that mass occurrence of the substance formed in such a way also is inextricably related with the transformation of electromagnetic waves energy of a light band.

In turn the mass is inextricably related with gravitation force occurrence: the bigger the body mass, the bigger the force. That means, gravitation force is also connected with the nature of electromagnetic waves. And this force operates at every distance: at least all visible astronomical objects are under this force’s influence and that the electromagnetic field operates in the whole space. Therefore we shall not  puzzle over what features the environment of electromagnetic wave distribution has because  electromagnetic waves there can be distributed where this field is.

All human life, animals, plants, development of geophysical processes inside the Earth, in its atmosphere and outside - all this would be impossible and would represent a dead heap of sand if there were not electromagnetic waves of the light band, that were able to be converted  into small vortical tangles -  elementary particles. This conversion  occurs when stringent terms are observed, these terms are determined by independent physical constants: Plank constant, constant thin structure … which physical sense is still unclear, though it is possible to tell  that they establish harmonious dependence between a continuous stream of wave energy of light and discrete structure of  matter and so they play a role of an original alphabet which by analogy with their influence on electromagnetic waves transforms inarticulate sounds of a person’s voice (a continuous stream of electromagnetic waves) into letters (elementary particles), then words are formed of (atoms of chemical elements), and then human speech (matter) is formed. Partly it is also comparable to installation of the certain frequency intervals between notes; with their help the chaotic heap of sounds turns into harmony of music. Where this harmony in a stream of electromagnetic waves comes from is not known, but it exists. And, in G. S. Kirakosian's opinion (and we can completely agree with him), this harmony doesn’t have a  casual character: « it can be proved by the fact of stable existence of the field  located quantum, at definitely concrete values of frequency (energy), that would be impossible if at changes in wave-length of quantum field were casual( uncertain)». And it means, that process of electromagnetic waves of a light band transformation into matter is creative and  intelligent. And this conclusion is more important, than it can seem at first sight.

The matter is that last results of American scientists’ research, received with the help of probe Wilkinson Microwave Anisotrophy Probe (WMAP), testify that now there are only 4 % of atoms in the universe that are under the influence of electromagnetic and gravitation forces that we know. Far visible galaxies, stars, planets, including our Earth with all its inhabitants consist of these atoms. 23% more in the Universe is the mysterious invisible substance called « a dark matter » (it is called so because scientist don’t have a lot of information about it). The rest 73 % is the one more obscure force which is called «dark energy». «Cosmological constant», an energy in emptiness, that counteracts gravitation, it is also called antigravitation,  can be one of the explanations of «the dark energy» .  «Dark energy» in opinion of astronomers, is the reason why  the universe after the Big explosion continues to extend with acceleration, in fact it has not enough  usual matter that with the help of gravitation force could counteract « dark energy ». Such structure of the universe makes some scientists think that the universe will extend endlessly, and won’t be compressed at a certain moment of  collapse as their opponents believe. As a result of such expansion the density of a matter should decrease gradually to zero, the temperature should go down and the universe will die in cold.

These scientists have such pessimistic conclusion because they do not know about the wave nature of matter and they do not suppose yet that the ratio of energy and substance in the universe can change under influence of the process of wave energy transformation  into the substance we have described. In fact this process has led to the formation of the matter in the universe, this matter is under the influence of gravitation force. In this connection the independence of "dark energy” from gravitation means, that it is not under the influence of physical laws (Plank constant…), that allow it to transform it into elementary particles of a matter. And that circumstance, that this process is not casual, it makes us  think, that it will be necessarily continued and sooner or later the whole «dark energy» will be harmonised and it will allow to transform it into the substance that will follow gravitation force. And while it happens, expansion of the universe will be slowed down and return process - process of tightening of the universe in a point to prepare the next Big Bang will begin.

During this process the increasing gravitational collapse, in Kirakosian’s opinion, will lead to  that «in the centre of the neutron star under action of gravitational pressure, neutrons densely pressed to each other will start "to run" into each other, causing superposition of the located quantum formations of an electromagnetic field therefore new interference redistribution of their total energy  will appear and the new heavy particle will be born - some hyperon … During this synthesis the volume of two initial neutrons should decrease  16 times! In result with abrupt volume reduction of a body concentration of a matter will increase  gravitational pressure abruptly, sharply and even more speed up synthesis process. This synthesis process of heavy, and then hyper heavy particles and reduction of the body size should be irrepressible and rash until the limit value of matter concentration is reached - when the unique located quantum of a field which size is  unimaginably insignificant is formed, and density of all kinds of energy (gravity too) in it is great. Such particle will be completely not observable because, any interaction with a usual matter is not possible because their sizes and energy density can not be compared. The described particle (or matter) will be that "nothing" where there is the necessary amount of energy and substance to create a new universe!

Directly after the end of synthesis reaction the formed particle will immediately enter disintegration process, it will  begin  avalanche birth of new particles and powerful gamma quantum» (it is quoted close to the text, for exact quotation see the original  text by G.Kirakosian). Thus, the pulsation of the universe with a frequency in some billions of years will proceed.  It shows the controlled functioning of the hugest self controlled system, and it means not destruction, but constant cyclic renewal of a life in space.


Now, taking into account our problem, we shall try the most general way to track a chain of living matter  creation (the matter which is capable to react to changes in external conditions of existence) from waves.

That process of matter creation doesn’t have a casual character, it happens purposefully, that means, as our living planet and life on it also are created on purpose. But to create a life is not the same as to create a set of elementary particles from waves, and these particles can form chemical elements. Complex structure and functioning of a living cell assumes that there should be a certain plan or the circuit of actions, that is a necessary dataware. Also a living cell needs energy. Therefore, that dataware should provide among other things an opportunity for a cell to receive energy that is possible to use

Where does this dataware come from?

It comes from the same source with information according to which transformation of energy into elementary particles is made, in fact process of matter creation anyhow assumes the energy transformation under the certain law, that means purposeful information influence on it.  If the universe, during repeated recurrence of cycles of the existence each time passes through an end point of one cycle and the beginning of another, it means somewhere there is an information necessary for repeated recurrence of the same process?! And, does it mean, that all new is created in the nature each time is a recurrence of what have been done already? Therefore we shall not think how to create the plan or the draft by which the living matter should be created, and we shall think how we can make a reality of it.

To make a reality of this “draft” it is necessary to transfer the information in it to matter capable of perceiving this information. Waves can be used to transfer the information, in fact as we have already said, electromagnetic waves are able to transfer an unlimited quantity of information at any distance.

Thus waves are reflected from various objects or promodulated by some source of fluctuations (arisen, for example, during the work of any self controlled system), they also carry information in themselves about the other visual environment. Therefore the whole material world, during each moment of time reflects in itself the processes constantly proceeding in it.

Each person, each living creature, each being born in this world, has inside itself some print of traces of these wave processes, as we were convinced earlier, it is possible to find the information about the whole Universe in each point of the Universe.

The principle of waves superposition allows to keep this information in the undistorted way, as waves penetrate each other, they do not deform the transferable  information. It is possible to be convinced of that when the person simultaneously hears different sounds in the undistorted way, the voices of different people on different frequencies that  come from  different sides, and the person distinguishes them clearly.

When waves are put on each and if their wave-lengths are identical, difference in phases does not vary in time, there is a phenomenon of an interference, and interference figures are formed. These figures reflect redistribution of energy in space that depends on the ration of  wave troughs and crests  at their crossing.  There is an impression, that one wave energy remaining constant, at interaction with other crossed wave, is redistributed along wave front: where the crests are coincided there is a summation of waves energy, and where waves are in an antiphase, they are  subtracted. Actually this energy redistribution has only information character, it is reflected only when the energy is fixed on some carrier in the given point of space, because there isn’t any actual energy redistribution along the wave front, and there is a change of energy parameters in each point of space that depends on a phase of wave fluctuations that come through it.

The steady condition of the interference figure that clearly describes spatial redistribution of wave energy, arises when coherent waves are put on each over repeatedly. In this case the interference figure does not vary in time that allows to fix it on a photosensitive material and to use for a creation of handmade holograms of motionless objects.

At the same time it is impossible to deny that in the space that is penetrated with waves, there is a constant energy redistribution, this redistribution is connected with waves interaction (the are mutually imposed in different points of space) with various frequency. Difference of this process from a classical interference is the following: it is not possible to fix it on a photosensitive material because of  its originality and rapidity. The proof that such phenomenon exists is that our eyes see the surrounding subjects with all interference figure dynamic, and we do not fix redistributed wave energy on a photosensitive material of the hologram. So we are have to recognise the effectiveness of a wave superposition principle in an optical band. And according  our research  we can tell  that the hologram, in this case is only a special case when the effectiveness of this principle is fixed on the photosensitive carrier (the use of coherent waves is an indispensable condition ).

And if not coherent waves are put on each other with waves of an optical band, then it should occur with acoustic, and other waves. In part it is possible to observe such phenomenon at peal distribution. The bell, due to its form, generates simultaneously fluctuations of acoustic waves with different frequency, that came almost from one point (from a bell surface), and change of   fluctuations frequency of different points of the bell surface within the limits of its surface happens  smoothly according to smooth change of a bell diameter. If sound waves of various frequencies are put on each other mutually there is an intermediate frequency and there is a phenomenon of reverberation - the sound is playing (this playing   is made with intermediate frequency). The bigger is the wave length of intermediate frequency, the less is the difference of waves length, that are put on each other.  And when sound waves of almost identical frequency are put on each other it can be very big. In result the minimum of hidden interference figure created by a peal, can be so extended in space, that people have bewilderment because it seems  that a peal have stopped at some distance from a bell, appears again far from it. Sometimes it is hard to understand for a person that due to a superposition principle when waves are distributed there can be "dead" zones where waves continue to be distributed, they mutually neutralise the energy of each other at  the given site. Thus, despite there is no energy in this place, waves continue the way in space. It can be seen evidently in interference figure of a light band: there isn’t any energy in minimum, and a wave, nevertheless, are kept undistorted and distributed further. Well, just in the “bell” case the extent of "minima" can be very significant and reach several kilometres. And as the sources of waves of different frequency that are put on each other are almost in one place (within the limits of the bell surface that creates a sound) maximum and minimum of sound energy in a plane of a ground surface will look like radial rings located at different distance from a bell.

As waves of various frequency and from various sources are distributed on the Earth it is impossible to exclude the formation of such "dead" zones under the certain law. Geopathogenic zones that influence life ability of different living organism can be an indirect confirmation this.

In the example with peal distribution there is a surprising property of the information, it is its ability to exist and be kept in the given place and it doesn’t matter if there is energy or not. In fact the example with a bell is an  evident demonstration  that where the wave energy vanishes (mutual neutralisation), the information is still  kept. The renewal of a peal at farther distance during the process of energy liberation in it proves this. This property of the information allows it to be kept in space, to operate energy transformation in the Universe during its pulsing transformations into a matter and back in an interval from one Big explosion  to another.

If now return to process of living cell construction, it is necessary to note, that this dynamical process should have the certain extent in time, that is necessary for cell to grow mass. It means, the "draft" in all its dynamics also should exist for some time that is sufficient  for this purpose. But as we deal not with a paper and a pencil, but with waves that have integral property to be distributed in space constantly, that means, it is necessary to make them  stop.

Earlier we have already spoken that it is necessary to stop waves to receive elementary particles of a matter from them. Now it is necessary for us not only to create  matter, but also “to write down” somehow the information about the bioplast (living cell)  in this matter. Is it possible?

Because  elementary particles of substance appear from electromagnetic waves it is necessary somehow to initiate this process in the necessary place under the certain information program. In opinion of some scientists the human consciousness has this ability. In the newspaper «Sosialisticheskaia industria» from 19.10.1989. It is said in interview of professor A.Chernetskiy : «If to create a mental image in any place, for example, in a corner of a room, the device will record "environments" of this phantom, but  if mentally to wash away this image "environments" will disappear - the device will not show anything». From here follows, that the human consciousness is a source of the information, that is capable to operate wave energy  redistribution in space. Such ability of human consciousness could help us a lot because it would be the first real step in the necessary direction. But we cannot speak about the use of human consciousness to create bioplast (living cell) because at the moment of its creation there was not any person yet. If it is possible to speak about influence of consciousness on process of creation in this case we should speak not  about person’s consciousness, but someone other (?!!!). But we shall not dream.

The holographic way is the other way that we known how to "record" the full information about an object.

Let's recollect, that the essence of holography is embody the difference of wave steams on a photosensitive material, the first - coming to investigated object, and the second - leaving it, because the information on object should be incorporated in this difference. To achieve such effect in conditions of laboratory the same wave steam is divided in two with the help of a translucent mirror. The stream  that passed through the mirror reaches object and, is reflected from it, or passes  through it (absorbs the information about the object), it  falls on photosensitive material, the second steam also gets there, this steam was reflected from the mirror, and because of that did not reach the object. They incorporate on the photosensitive material, both these streams are subtracted one from another, and leave on the hologram only the information about the object that their waves examined. It depends if the wave steam is reflected from object or pasted through is on the hologram, because the hologram will have information only about appearance or also about an interior of object.

Such order of actions assumes presence of a sample which is at least possible to copy with the help of the hologram. But we have already told what even the Universe pulsation is a repeated recurrence of the same process, the information about which should be kept even during the moment - the premature moment- when the old Universe stops its existence, and new isn’t  born yet. Therefore not we shall concentrate our attention where to take a sample especially  if all necessary information about the sample can be transferred with the help of waves, that means, it can exist only in sort of wave , without the sample. And waves as a matter of fact is the information fixed on energy fluctuations. Energy, as it is  known, does not disappear, and passes from one kind to another. Therefore lets return to the hologram.

 To restore 3D graphic presentation of object in space with all its external and internal characteristics it is necessary to connect the wave information which has been written down on a photosensitive material with a wave stream lighted the object, and that is reached when holograms are radiograph by a support ray of light from the same (coherent) source.

If the corner between the support wave stream and the front wave from object is changed, it is possible to write down more than one hologram on one site of a photographic plate. And on «deep hologram», that is received with registration of interference figure on photoemulsion layer thickness on the photographic plate, there is an opportunity to restore three-dimensional multi-colour images when the hologram is lighted up  not  monochromatic, but white light. These examples show the huge opportunities of such way of information reproduction. If this method is used the holographic image which has arisen in space behaves as a real object. Holographic images of transparent objects illustrate it very well. For example, the lens hologram keeps all properties of a real lens completely and consequently through such image it is possible to see the increased image of the objects behind it. Certainly, it concerns only transparent objects, but a transparency is a comparative property. What is not transparent for waves of a light band can transparent for waves with another band, in fact the hologram can be created with waves of various frequency, not only with light band. And   it is possible to create in space the image of any object which completely, as well as the lens, will keep all properties of the original. To tell the truth, to embody the information in a material kind it is necessary to have some plastic material that can perceive wave information.

Most likely, in wildlife water is such material. Each bioplast (living cell), each plant, an animal and even the person consist basically of water. Without water any living thing cannot live, without water the metabolism in living organisms is impossible and consequently the life could appear on  basis of water only.

Are there any sources specifying such opportunity in the history of mankind? 

Yes, all scientists unanimously assert, that the life appeared in water. Our ancestors, before they turned into monkeys, crept out of water. To tell the truth, when they left water, they for some purpose climbed on trees then left tails, climbed down the trees and turned into "Neanderthals" and some "Cro-Magnon man". The theory of evolution by C. Darwin, says so. In this theory there are some discrepancies, but supporters of this theory try to not notice them. However, I think that one discrepancy is the main that define the impropriety of the given theory.

For example, the modern science asserts, that the person has a brain he/she uses on 16-18 % of its potential opportunities (and some scientists speak even about 4 %). But such brain could not arise in the evolutionary way! In fact according to the theory of evolution the person has got new abilities and properties during aspiration to satisfy growing needs, and for our case there is the generated brain, the need in it has not arisen till now! From here there is a question: What kind of needs should   the humanoid monkey have to develop such brain which even the modern person cannot use in full? Or was it a superclever "monkey"? Here it is possible to talk not about evolution, but about degradation of species (at least, one species - the person).

However, other sources also tell about the origin of life in water. In the Bible, for example, in its very beginning, in section about creation of the world, it is told: «In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters » (Moses First book – Cenesis, ch. 1). If to associate  Divine spirit with the information that influences on water it is possible to hope, that in our reasoning we chose the right way. But in the Bible there is nothing about that the person  descended from monkey, lets try to find other variant of the first person birth from water.

Indirect confirmation that the water is a  basis to create  living  material objects of a wave origin can be find in the last researches of scientists from the different countries.

First, in research of mountain glaciers in Antarctica is established, that ice at its mountain tops is formed of  snow which snowflakes are  formed in the sky from the smallest crystal of frozen water that have correct hexahedron forms. Hexahedron form of water crystal means, that they have arisen according to G.S.Kirakosian’s conclusions about the wave nature of a matter. And it in turn means, that water is completely adapted to perceive any information from waves.

Probably  itself this would not attract our attention, in fact unless it is not enough structures in the nature that  have steady hexahedron  form, if not one circumstance. The thing is that when the water freezes these hexahedron snowflakes in crystal structure of water don’t always form. It appears, that the molecular structure of water depends on character of the information influences on it (it should confirm, that the molecular structure of water is susceptible to the information). This phenomenon has been unequivocally established in experiments of Japanese scientific doctor Emoto Masaru.

Doctor Masaru photographed under a microscope the frozen crystals of water and the information influence was already rendered on them. He has made more than 10 thousand pictures and according his results it is possible approve that the change of the molecular structure was water’s reaction on the moral information. And water perceived the information irrespective of the fact how this information was produced : mentally or aloud. Moreover, water reacted to semantic loading of a word even t when the person in general did not reproduce this or that word, and it was simply written on a piece of paper and was pasted on bank with water for the night.

So, for example, if the words "love", "thanks", "mother Teresa" were written various  complex hexahedron crystals appeared as "snowflakes" and if "Hitler" or "kill" snowflakes  weren’t written, and the structure of water had chaotic casual character. This example with the pasted words makes us to recognise, that water somehow distinguishes the moral information of this or that word, and this information influences material molecular structure of water.

It is important to mention that “water divided” all information influenced on it according it moral attribute only into two semantic groups: with the snowflakes with hexahedron, and without snowflakes. It reminds us of two forms of matter existence in the universe: ordered under certain law by electromagnetic waves that promotes the formation of hexahedron crystal structures (that are under the influence of gravitation), and other not ordered this way matter.

It is possible to build a harmonious predicted natural material world and visible Universe with our planet can be the example of this world. It is not possible to construct anything from disorder matter because it can’t be a building material, or in other words it can’t be bricks of universe all chemical elements consist of, the elements that give strict rule and predictability to interactions of substances in the nature. So, it appears, that the degree of morals is the major factor for creative process in the Universe.

Besides, that water has also many other surprising properties.

Results of experiments were carried out and are carried out in Russia prove it. In particular, scientists under the direction of Dr.Sci.Biol. Stanislav Zenin measured change of water conductivity, when there were a strong-willed mental influence on it (in fact earlier we have already spoken about  human consciousness potential to create wave phantoms in space). They tested hundreds so-called folk healers, scientists have established, that all participants of the experiment influenced on water, but only seven persons had the essential influence. Certainly, it does not mean, that all others were charlatans because besides change of the water conductivity, other changes in water properties could appear but they were not taken into account in the experiment.

During these researches a number of features of interaction between information and water has been revealed: the effect from influence on water took place despite the distance between the person and water (and scientists could not find out  what exactly transferred the information from a brain of the person to water). Further: water remembered the received information for a long time. And if something that had an influence on emotional condition of a person who was in contact with water happened, water somehow instantly traced it. For example, when the examinee left after the contact with water to other city in business trip, his purse was stolen water simultaneously lowered its conductivity. But as soon as the damage was repaired, water’s conductivity restored up to a former level. The victim knew nothing about it and din not try to influence water. And this case is not the only. These experiences shows that when the contact between person and water is established, both the person and water become a single whole, and between their parts there is a constant interrelation. And we don’t know what it means yet, and because this connection cannot be found, it is about some information phenomenon. In fact we already had an opportunity to find out  that there is the information and its distribution in space and it sometimes have very strange forms especially for a person who does not know the contest.

Let's pay attention and that in this case water was an independent indicator of the certain balance infringement in a society and it means, that the information about the life of a society and each person is not entire but is fixed in the certain information databank.

During the further experiments it was found out, that under influence of person’s ideas water could change the properties that becomes fatally dangerous to living organisms. In one of experiences the elementary monocellular – spirostoms were placed in so-called dead water specially created with  strong-willed effort of the psychic (extrasens) (the conductivity of this water is lower controlled water conductivity – water that isn’t under the person’s influence), these spirostoms not just died, but lysis started and it  is dissolution of a cellular environment! If to do this with person’s organism, for example, the person consists from water on 80% , it can cause even his/her death and this fact is proved with effectiveness of  some "evil eye" from envious and malicious people. Besides results of this experience prove that there is a direct dependence between emotions of people and a condition of an environment. And if the person is watching some sadistic thriller and drinking tea and such "snowflakes" will appear in this tea that the person can get not only a stomachache… And we should not be surprised because of an  unprecedented growth of cardiovascular diseases in our crazy of real and imaginary nightmares world.

Let's add some revealed nuances about water and we will have some general idea about informational influence on water.

During experiments it was established, that water reacted to only dead people names. Very precise "snowflakes" of ideally symmetric form appeared in the frozen water under influence of a pray. When this water was poured out into big tank it transformed water in tank into structured one, and the ratio of their volumes did not matter.

Scientists can’t explain such behaviour of water. But, we can make at least one practical conclusion from these experiences, because we are interested the origin of person’s behavioural motives. As it has been already told, division of the information only by one - moral attribute means, that the degree of people’s morals is an effective physical factor that has a direct influence on processes of matter vital activity and on destiny of civilisation through character of human society. Such dependence of a material world on a degree of morals of its inhabitants is provided with a predominating role of the information. And we sometimes don’t realise it, and are surprised  how  criminal who escapes from prison becomes a victim of "casual" concatenation of circumstances and is punished.

But why the moral component is so important for information?

I think, that as two types of a matter in the universe differ from each another because of its structural order or chaos, the high morals is the immutable mean that allows to form harmoniously functioning self controlled systems in society only if members of a society behave  morally but not according their desire to get maximum profit  or their fear of punishment. Such society organisation promotes its transformation into the ordered system, laws in its functioning have cause and effect character and  the society continues the rules of the matter, the matter obeys gravitation laws  and helps to support the life in the Universe.

The only thing that is possible to add, that according to the experiment with dead people names, the person’s action is judged after his/her death. It is proved because data bank has only names of dead people. Alive person still can change. Is it important to alive people? People disagree:  somebody thinks, that at the moment of death the person stops his/her existence, others - that it is only the beginning . As we see that the name of a living person can’t influence the water, the second point of view is more true.

If to speak about the mechanism of information and water interaction, to understand it, it is necessary to recollect, that in the hologram the information is fixed with the help of a wave phase, the signal reflected from object. This phase is compared to wave phase of support radiation and distinction between them and carries the information about the object. If to think that water is the possible carrier of the hologram, then two wave streams also should be compared in it. Due to the wave nature of substance water molecules already has record of support radiation of electromagnetic waves and due to this by analogy with photosensitive bulk material when the second wave stream hit it, the steam is modulated by the information, caused by written or spoken word, there is a hologram in water.

Indirect confirmation that water is the living hologram, that the whole volume of the information in it, is exactly the same as in the hand-made hologram, it contains simultaneously in each point (in each drop) of water (or the information could be deformed if water is mixed). Now scientists try to understand, how the information in water is transferred from one point to another, and for this purpose they invent various ways to transfer information from one supercomplex molecule of water to another. But each point of the hologram has the information about the whole object because the whole information is  also in each point of  wave front, that ‘fall” on the hologram from reproducible object. Therefore if the water is the hologram, the same way of information distribution should operate: the wave front from each point of displayed object at once "covers" the whole water, it cooperates with electromagnetic fields of water molecule of chemical elements, it makes them change molecular structure of water according to the information they accepted.

If it was not so it would be necessary to define(determine) all over again, in which point of water the information is, then from this point to start to consider process of information distribution from one molecule to another. But in fact it is absurd to tell that at information influence on water the information gets in some certain point of its surface, and it means, there is no information distribution from one point to another(how does the information about Hitler appeared in water pipe?).

Probably, we should pay special attention on this phenomenon because probably it has an answer to a question if there is an instant connection in a living organism. And this connection inside the organism is necessary for its vital activity. In article «Wave biocomputer functions of DNA» its authors Gariaev P.P., Tertyshniy G.G., Leonov E.A. and Mologin A.V. tell: «Billions cells of an organism should "know" if not everything, than a lot ( strategic) and instantly  about each other. Without the phenomenon of «wave information instantaneousness» the huge multicellular continuum of the maximum biosystems is not capable to coordinate a metabolism, physiological and other functions completely. Intercellular diffusion of signal substances and nervous processes are too inert for this purpose. Even if to admit, that sign electromagnetic fields with light speeds participate in intercellular transfer, it is probable also it is not enough».

Such instant connection can be if the whole  organism and its separate systems function with the same principle of information distribution as hologram. Or, in other words, if all living things are a materialised hologram.

In the usual hologram the information from a source, contains in itself all necessary information, it is transferred by each front point of each separate wave to each point of the hologram. As a result of in each point of the hologram there is initially all necessary information on development of the whole organism. When some vital function is realised in the organism, the information about it appears in each point of an organism as well, and there is no need to transfer  it from one organ to another. Thus, because the organism exists and develops as the hologram, all processes in it, appear to be  coordinated and synchronised “promptly” and in a material way they can occur during the same beforehand caused time (instantly), and they keep cause and effect dependence between themselves.

From here follows, life in the Universe could not be possible  without the wave nature of a matter and the holographic device of living organisms, in their vital activity should be the source of external to this organism, information (!!!).


Record of the ready information on the hologram of water, taking into account  the ability of light photons to turn into elementary particles of a matter, allows to create the biological form of  life, not to wait millions or billions years while the amoeba will become a monkey according to the evolution way. Besides evolutionary changes of a living organism are impossible without change of its hologram and, it means it is necessary to change the hologram then to receive its physiological result in a living material. Taking into account, that we have no information about cases when living subject changes its hologram independently, it shows that evolution is made at will of the one who creates the hologram, of course influence of local conditions evolution should correspond to are taking into account. (By the way, when amoeba was dreaming to become a monkey the Sun had to touch the ground because of measured speed of its diameter reduction, and it had to foil the amoeba’s plans) Besides to create an amoeba casually should be as difficult, as to create the monkey, and any other living creatures.

But if the biological form of life is created according to the principle of the hologram, it means it should be shown somehow in its bodily structure. And, there are these displays! For example, the birch leaf not simply "grows", and is developed from a kidney inside where it was “ready-to-grow”. And it is not only about birch leafs. The dragonfly appears from the ugly chrysalis absolutely different, as the diver from survival suit.  Human embryo doesn’t need lugs during its intrauterine development but they grow to the necessary size, and are straightened only with the first breath of a new-born. That is, antenatal development of a living creatures shows that there is beforehand made program of their development that takes into account the need of instant coordination of all its materialisation processes and that can only exist as the hologram. But in the hologram, in its each point should have the information about the whole object. If it is so, such information should be practically in each cell (responsible for body formation) of the lining creature?!

The holographic device of living creatures (and probably the whole visible material world)is  indirectly proved by  experiments with cloning of animals. For example, in the Great Britain where a splinter of the hologram was living cell from the sheep and as a result the exact copy of the original appeared. The experiment confirms, that in one sheep’s cell as the splinter of the hologram contains the full information about the object - in this case about the sheep. But to tell the truth sheep Dolly “ appeared” not at first attempt, at 268, and unlike its  original it appeared to be omnivore and for some reason became old catastrophically quickly, and then died. It is probably connected with the fact that the splinter of the hologram in sheep’s cell has the information about the life that this sheep has lived already and consequently cloned sheep, despite of its early age, could live only its donor’s rest of life. Besides authors of the project obviously did not take into account the role of the support radiation that is  necessary for reproduction of object from the splinter of its hologram, and they made the experiments in the "dark" room where electromagnetic waves from the outside could not get in.

Validity of such fears is proved by t results of other original experience when experimenters placed impregnated frog spawn in the usual chamber and in the chamber from permalloy (the material doesn’t pass electromagnetic waves) and  spawn began to develop  there. As a result,  in the usual chamber tadpoles  appeared from spawn and turned into small frogs, and in the permalloy chamber tadpoles didn’t become frogs: ugly creatures from spawn didn’t survive. Spawn was the same in the experiment.

But how to be with genes? In fact everyone "know", that the program of construction of living creature is its genes! Proceeding from the wave nature of a matter and a role of genes in development of living creatures, it is possible set up a hypothesis, that as a matter of fact the gene is a the wave information located in a material way, so it is some kind of the biological hologram and to activate it, it is necessary to pass through it the radiation of the light source that created. And, probably, what’s why external genes of various creatures have a little difference.  Compare, for example, two holographic plates of different objects. You will see an alternation of dark and light radial rings that are difficult to compare on both of them. They will look identical but then we radiate them in space with support light we will see different subjects.


Before the continuation, I want to make one small clause: as it was possible to understand from the first paragraph of this chapter, this work is not scientifically verified treatise on physics or biology. We, only use the results of scientific researches that we know, and we tried to track a logic chain of an origin of people’s behavioural motives. As far as we were right in our conclusions, the reality or new scientific discoveries  would show  … And we will be very glad, if these discoveries prove our conclusions.

Here, for example, the opinion of  Dr.Sci.Biol., the academician of the Russian academy of Medical-engineering science, a member of the New York academy of sciences, the founder of wave genetics  P.P.Gariaev about the role of genes: «Numerous researches in the different countries have shown, that genes code only a centesimal part  of the hereditary information: they answer only for construction of fibbers, and the others  99 % are transferred by waves - with the help of acoustic, light, electromagnetic and other fields. Their complex interlacing forms holograms where the information on material structures of an organism is ciphered. For example, the hand of an embryo grows not anywhere but there where its wave skeleton was already generated, a certain hand hologram. And visa versa, when upper extremity is cut, its hologram is kept. War Veterans who many years suffer from phantom pains as if they have the hand, that is  punched by bullets or splinters know about that. And so, wave phantoms are formed when organs are excised, including a cerebral cortex».

Such opinion of the scientist about the mechanism of use and a role of genes quite corresponds to our conclusions about the holographic nature of living matter process light waves. But if instead of the removed cerebral  cortex its wave phantom appeared then how is  the human brain is formed? Probably, as the hologram, too? On what does the intelligence of this or that person depend on? I ask about it because, as we know the stored knowledge does not make person more clever. How in general there is a process of thinking in a human brain? How does the mentation go on in person’s brain? I, certainly, am not talking about substitution of concrete figures in the algorithm of the decision developed by someone, and I am talking about creative process the decision.

The decision arises in a brain of the person when all conditions of the task is compared simultaneously. But the person during each separate moment of time can think only about one problem/task. His/her thinking is made by consecutive switching attention from one thing to another. And the problem should be solved by simultaneous overlap of all conditions of the given problem! The person has only one attention, and problem has several conditions. How does the brain overcomes this contradiction? The brain is really capable to overcome this contradiction only if it functions as holographic structure. In this case « instant connection» between all points of the brain hologram allows to combine at the same place fixed consistently and separately one from other condition of a problem. Thus latent contradiction appears  in conditions of a problem and allows to find the decision. And this process proceeds not realised for the person (as in dream), at a level of so-called subconsciousness and the decision of the problem can appear in consciousness not at once, and sometimes into the most unexpected moment - as a certain inspiration. It is possible to tell that creative abilities of the person directly depend on his/her ability to use the holographic device of his/her brain.

And our brain solves such problems all the time. Even when we identify the person on external attributes, it should not analyse separately the similarity of this or that wrinkle, or bend lines of a nose, or amount of hair on the right eyebrow,  it should simultaneously estimate the set of all these factors to define, who this person is.

It is necessary to pay attention that being the hologram, the brain of the person is capable to possess the information and its waves get on this hologram, and it means, that due to the holographic device of the brain the person can have access to unlimited information content. It is only necessary to learn how take this information from the hologram of  the brain.

Such property of human consciousness allows some people to receive various information that is inaccessible to the usual person in the mystical, irrational way. It is known, for example, that in 1380 sacred Saint Sergiy Radonesjeskiy, was near Moscow, he received the information about Kulikovskay bitva between Dmitry Donskoi’s armies and Mamai that was far from him, he receive this information in scale of real time and found out about its outcome before he received communiqué. With the similar mystical image, but during dream, the Russian scientist Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev  received the information about the  Periodic system of chemical elements. And what about American Edgar  Casey who was in trance received the information about everything? Once chemist who was in the other town could not find the medicine, information about it was received from this American, so Edgar was angry, he came into trance again and added that the necessary medicine was on the top shelf, it was just in the corner, so the chemist could not find it. And this information was proved!

Such ability of a human brain, probably, is initially incorporated in each person, but because it is unclaimed it dies off. What’s why it is possible to explain the intuition – it is residual displays of this ability, so the person perceives the information necessary for him/her but doesn’t realise it. Moreover, there are cases when people, as a rule children, can receive the information about the  world around, but before they  blocked usual channels that help to receive information.

For example, several years ago one friend brought his daughter to professor Jury Pytiev head of the department of computer methods of physics of physical faculty at  Moscow State University . The fourteen-year girl "saw" a magnet. To be exact, blindfold she  "saw" the subjects placed in a constant magnetic field and "covered" with electromagnetic radiation of the visible or microwave band. And, the less wave length of " electromagnetic illumination »was, the better she distinguished subjects. And if there was a person in a magnetic field the girl saw an aura that was surrounding the person. In the laboratories that work with this problem this aura is possible to see such aura with the help of the powerful installations that create an electromagnetic field of a high voltage. Our heroine do it by herself Also that is interesting: the girl not just "saw" in a magnetic field, and she could create this ability of her own free will. To tell the truth, she had to strain a lot and got tired fast. In the described case scientists managed to establish that they deal with wave process, but in was not possible to define its nature and character of its interaction with the person. The only thing that scientists could do, they defined wave length - from four up to thirty five millimetres it depended on a physical condition of the examinee. Also they revealed one more paradoxical fact: the girl perceives subjects in a magnetic field as if she sees with her eyes. Only these "eyes" are outside her face – in the crown of the head, and their stereo base in 2,5-3 times  bigger than distance between usual eyes.

In the other case the boy Vova Bronnikow showed phenomenal abilities after a cycle of his training to use the latent reserves of his organism in Academy of person’s development. Jury Pytiev said that the boy "saw" in every conditions, both without a magnet, and he did not tense his will and he did not get tired.  He saw all subjects in  full-scale and in colour, and his "eyes" could be in any point of space, where he wanted – straight, from different sides of the object that was necessary to read. If there was an opaque wall between him and subject he could throw "eyes" through it. If it was necessary he could easily examine the subject.

All this, in my opinion, proves, that in this case a source of information is not eyes of this child, but the same hologram and its splinter is an internal information structure of a human brain, on 90 % filled with water.

Professor Pytiev tells, that wave process is in a basis of this phenomenon, as well as in an example with the girl, only wave length is different - about 1,5-2mm also depends on  condition of the examinee. The medical inspection of the child which was done in scientific research institute of traditional methods of treatment and in laboratory of electrophysiology of supreme brain functions in Institute of the supreme nervous activity and neurophysiology of the Russian Academy of Science did not show any anomaly.

And why, as a matter of fact, should medical inspection show any anomaly? Unless Is ability of the person to think creatively anomaly? And ability to create  and to see subjects through a barrier are properties of the same order, because they show the ability of a person to use the holographic structure of her/his brain. Just in the first case we are talking about the non-standard decision, and in the second – how to take information from the hologram. But if the human brain is a splinter of the hologram that contains the information of the universe, than to examine it as a certain independent body is the same as to examine gramophone pipe without the gramophone and try to find a source of music in it.


According to this information ability of waves to transfer unlimited volume of the information from infinity, to concentrate this information in one point, to materialise it, to make «an instant connection» between points of one hologram irrespective of distance between them, these abilities allow to assert that the life in the closed space of the Earth should not appear evolutionary  "by itself". It could appear, for example, as holographic copy of life in informational "emptiness". And it is useless to search this source of this life on any other planet, though the planets with living creatures similar to ours, most likely exist. I speak about the other way of life reproduction: it is impossible to see the invisible information program located on the Earth in the biological form of existence.

Because of wave nature of a matter, the metabolism in person’s organism should represent the process of constant substance updating, that "fills in" the hologram of the person. Actually there is no constant living person of flesh: that person who lived a second ago stays in the past and another person takes his/her place, a new person   with constantly updated growing old body. The flesh of the person every second in part dies and is born again. Thus it turns out, that material living person of flesh and blood exists only as far as  there is his/her hologram - the wave form which is filled with flesh. And when it is separated from the body, process of a metabolism stops, there is no updating of flesh, there comes the death of a body. Terrestrial existence of the person comes to an end. There is one hologram - set of the wave functions called soul. It does not disappear with death of a body, because it is primary to a body: because of its "drafts" the body is created according to P.Gariaev’s researches. And if it could exist before the body why couldn’t it live after its death? However we shall continue.

Together with employees of mathematical institute of the Russian Academy of Science academician P.Gariaev developed models of the genetic text and texts of human speech, and appeared, that DNA is constructed under laws of human speech. There was an experiment to prove this conclusion: wave were generated by specially created source of electromagnetic fluctuations they  modulated the acoustic fluctuations caused by human speech and as a result wave structures similar to genetic texts appeared. These waves processed the grains of wheat which had received  a huge doze of radiation (2000 roentgen) and almost dead grains (after such radiation  only 0,001 % of seeds sprouts) these seeds were restored, their ability to sprout increased  tens thousand times and became 30-50%. «In a microscope it was visible, that in these grains the chromosomes destroyed by radiation were restored». (At last we have something “to touch” not only imagine - a comment of the author). If to give more details about the words used in this experiment, the participants said «it was usual words, but built in the certain order that gave an unusual rhythm to phrase. And the main thing, they were said in a unusual condition of consciousness, as during a pray. If these conditions were observed, … the positive effect was achieved irrespective of language - Russian, English or German. … In control experiences when senseless phrases were said, the result was zero».

From Emoto Masaru’s experiences we  know, what kind of informational  can render what information influence on substance different words have, especially if to say  them during the pray. These experiences in practice prove a priority role of the information in creation and functioning of biological forms of a matter.

And taking into account, that electromagnetic waves of a light band are also a basis for the matter formation, so the whole visible  world is simply the huge quantum object and represents the wave energy that is redistributed because of the certain informational law. And the informational role of different  physical constants (and we don’t know their origin) – Plank  constant, for example, "divides" continuous light waves into photons to localise them  in elementary particles, makes us recollect quotation from the Bible: «In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. In him was life, and that life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, but the darkness has not understood it». (Gospel from John, ch.1).

Stop! Its time to spot and realise what we have got. So, what do we come to?  We established, that:

1.       The matter is born from electromagnetic waves of a light band because they twist in vortical balls, these balls are  the elementary particles of a matter.

2.       Process of substance creation from waves is not casual  and is made under the certain information law with strictly established and also strictly observed physical constants of an unknown origin.

3.       This process has universal scale.

4.                Besides it is established, to coordinate metabolism processes at creation and functioning of complex biological organisms it is necessary to have instant connection between all sections of these organisms inside. And it is possible if they are only quantum objects that are materialised holograms. Cloning proves the holographic device of living organisms.

5.       In turn, existence of holograms assumes that there should be external to created organisms a source of the information, that manages their creation. Also sample is necessary, and it excludes an opportunity of casual evolutionary development of the living organism.

6.       Necessity of external independent management during matter creation from waves, and during formation of complex biological forms of living matter completely excludes an opportunity of spontaneous and casual occurrence of life on Earth and makes us turn our attention at the  last quotation from the Bible here.


And if now to reject false scepticism and the far-fetched biases it is necessary to ascertain, that  the quotation from the Bible written  thousands years ago, informed us about the mechanism of origin of  life, it was generated by God’s Consciousness.

Now we need to call a spade a spade: all our visible and invisible world is created by  God and we all – are His creations! He gave life  to us and continues to give it every second! And He gave us freedom of choice – to believe in Him or to deny His existence. His world is infinite and He needs us. He “paid a big price for us” and He waits patiently, while we come to our senses and  become adults - we shall grow from the carnal people that follow their animal instincts, and we become highly moral, spiritual – like He, because   we are created «in the image and likeness of Him». He needs it, maybe, because we become His assistants and help Him to  realise  His program on universe transformation.

Some atheists called Him Space, Him having convinced after contacts with, that He possesses personal characteristics and actions selectivity, academician P.Gariaev and his colleagues have modestly called a vacuum Superbrain, his chosen  people of Israel knows Him as Yagve , this name is forbidden to say aloud (in the nominal index of Bible Yagve – is the God that has the principle of his existence in Himself (!!!) and consequently Israelis call Him Adonai Elohim (the Lord)  more often, and Moslems call Him  Allah, it due to Him the Sun  shines and trees grow, stars shine and water flows, apples fall on the heads of scientists in due time, and electrons are drawn to protons. And its about him «from the Father born Son of God  Jesus Christ»  says «God is the Spirit» (!!!)


 Thus it is possible to ascertain, that we found an original cause of our life, the Source of life that determines internal structure and properties of all elements of the world. It is God (the truth, many people knew it for a long time and without our primitive reasoning).

But it is hard at this stage to find out the origin of behavioural motives of a person because an adult is not the automatic device, that is programmed, as  a flower in beams of the sun. When God created a person it gave him freedom of choice so the person could realise what he was doing from the logic point of view of expediency. And so the volume of the information the person has, takes the first place, choosing this or that line of the behaviour. And no doubt the trustworthy information about God, that He created all this world together with people, animals and  plants that besides visible tangible material environment also have  set of wave functions, called soul (at least the person), such information could affect outlook of this or that person considerably. But the person doesn’t have the trustworthy information, he can only believe in God.  Or don’t believe in.

 The problem of absence or presence of belief in God is that all information saved up by the mankind on this question is not initially the property of each separate person, because when person is born, he/she gets the information the modern society lives with. And in conditions of the spontaneous market when mass media are the means to get maximal profit,  first of all he/she learns, how «it is possible to get everything from life» how to choose friends  correctly (for example, because of the smell of a favourite chewing gum) and how to have safe sex, not observing bible tables (with the help of a condom). The people anxious with daily cares remember about God only occasionally - in case of extreme need or danger. In these conditions each new generation of people should be christened again (even despite of thousand-year history of  christening of Russia if to speak about Russia).

From childhood person doesn’t get immunity from immorality together with the belief in God, and when this person becomes an adult, he/she appears under the influence of feedback forces of several household self controlled systems, and he/she prefers to not think about God with His ten tables burdensome to perform – he/she is ready to give up all and to do as everyone does. And «as everybody» in conditions of the market means « everyone for hem/herself ». In such situation only a few "outsiders" prefer to give, than to take. Contrary to logic they do so because they feel sufferings of other person more, than their own. And probably in childhood because they  he/she was lucky  to meet the person who  told him/her about  God, and now they know, that all these terrestrial problems are temporary- they are necessary for moral development of their soul. The person who has such outlook doesn’t throw the child in a garbage box; doesn’t to paint wall of porches and lifts with obscene words; doesn’t break and destroy an armchair on football matches of a favourite team; doesn’t earn money with prostitution or drugs sale, because he/she knows, that the life on Earth is an original incubator to "cultivate" moral adults from moral babies and every moment of her/his lives the invisible and omniscient God looks at him/her, and for the person it is  the most important priority.


It is possible to stoop here, but I do not feel that I dot one's "i's" and cross one's "t's". I mean the final clearness about the origin of behavioural motives of the person: in fact if one person makes good things out of compassion, and the second because he/she knows about God, does it mean the second is afraid of punishment? So does God « play a role » of the policeman that can’t be escaped "in the next world"? But it is usual fear motive. Such "making" of goods hardly makes the person better. It is told that « affairs of the law will not justify any flesh ». To create kindness on compulsion does not mean that the person becomes moral and mature. But where does the compassion motive come from? While we shall not find the answer to this question, it will not leave us.

For if the God created the person in information "drafts" of Him, than why can’t He manage person’s actions through his/her brain? In fact the brain, as we have told already, on 90 % consists of water!

But the person controlled from the outside is called robot, or "zombie", or obsessed. Such person can be inspired with everything, everything to everybody! In his/her black-out can kill favourite person and when he/she comes to him/herself will bitterly. It is impossible to count on this person.

However we are not robots and we have full freedom, and a free one acts wittingly, according to the internal belief. The only problem is that our belief should be true and that we should have enough strength to abide by this belief. How to do it?

If God created the person, should he somehow solve this problem? In fact to realise His plans He needs independent and morally mature person who does not need to be supervised constantly. Otherwise, why is he/she needed for? And how is the full freedom of actions which is given to the person connected to it?

Let's try to understand it.


Chapter 3. Evolution of morals


Yours faithfully, Alexey  Tyabin (





















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